Connectedness, wholeness, expansion. Will you pay it forward?

Following the heartbreaking decision to close operational activities within the Findhorn Foundation, the organisation has now entered into a phase of transition with hope and expectancy.

Do you remember your heart changing interactions with the Findhorn Foundation? The feelings of connectedness, wholeness and expansion? The inner essence that you took back out into your everyday life, letting it positively suffuse your encounters and interactions with the world around you.

This inner essence is still very much alive and yearning to come forth in new ways that will reach ever wider and deeper into the world around us. Will you give a gift to support this yearning and expansion?

Sharing more information about the Transition Fund

To improve transparency and clarity, we have created an overview of our Transition Fund for you, including estimated costs and timelines, and examples of what your gifts to the fund will help to bring to fruition.

Spirit Led, Data Informed

Inner listening has been the bedrock of the Findhorn Foundation, right through from the four founders, Peter, Eileen, Dorothy and Lena. Countless visitors and supporters like yourself listened to their own inner guidance to deepen their understanding; book a course; volunteer or make a financial gift. For that, we deeply appreciate you.

The closure of the Findhorn Foundation’s operational activities in their current form was deeply led by Spirit, with clear information gathered from data to deepen understanding.

The transition will continue to be Spirit lead and data informed, holding and developing the inner listening of the Transition Team, as well as you and our supporters around the world. Time will be spent in silence, listening to the small quiet voice within, as well as to you and our worldwide family.

Can you support the transition financially to give space for this listening?

How will we use your contribution?

By contributing to the Transition Fund you will directly support envisioning the future of the Findhorn Foundation.

All donations to the Transition Fund will be used to create the new – they will not be used to close the old. Examples of activities that the transition fund will support include:

  1. Holding attunements and meditations
  2. Focus group discussions – in person and online
  3. Conducting research
  4. Hiring contractors and consultants for specialist input
  5. Building business plans and financial models to ensure long term sustainability
  6. Staff costs associated with the work
  7. Production costs of renewing our experience weeks and core education.

Your contributions will be spent directly and only on this work. We will provide regular updates so that you can track and review our progress as we explore what is possible.

Our estimation of the cost of exploring, creating and transitioning to the new potential is £180,000. Will you be a part of the new? Donate using the form below.

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