Deepen the Foundation’s Impact in the World

Enjoy Inspiration, Discounts, Access and More as you Deepen the Foundation’s Impact in the World.

Because of your generosity the Foundation has persevered through these long months of COVID and the reduction of services and the loss of two sacred community structures by fire.

We cannot thank you enough for holding the Foundation in love and light so that this liminal time could also be a period of deep listening, guided transformation, and new strength.

Ongoing Projects

Major support is especially needed for projects and new programmes as the Foundation strives to emerge from Covid-19.

Please use the contact form on the bottom of this page and choose ‘Supporting our ongoing projects’ to provide designated support for:

  • A refined Education Strategy that responds to challenges presented by COVID-19 and beyond.
  • New online programmes that deliver the essence of our core curriculum.
  • Collaborations with educational partners who offer accreditations.
  • Unique learning opportunities at our four sites with new and existing local partners.
  • Hybrid programmes that combine online and place-based learning across a range of course themes.
  • Fresh marketing strategies to highlight our new offerings.
  • Help with planning and preparation to rebuild the Sanctuary. We are hard at work to determine the best way forward.
  • Resources to help us work through the options for our beloved Cluny site, complete with exciting plans for its use when we re-open.
  • New systems to strengthen employment opportunities, property management, and new asset development.New marketing tools including updated branding and outreach.
  • An improved Visitors Centre for arrivals to The Park and its environs in celebration of the 60th Anniversary in 2022.
  • A donor appreciation installation to celebrate donors during Covid-19.
  • New events, new ways to engage, and more.

Become a member

The Caring Friends of the Foundation are generous individuals who each year contribute vital annual support of £50 to £999 to strengthen and bless the Foundation and its work in the world.

The Guardians of the Foundation are generous individuals, trusts and enterprises providing support of £1,000 and more, and who together support major annual initiatives, new programmes. and the Foundation’s core operations at its four sites.


Make a One-Off Gift

Your gift today of £5, £25, £100, £1000, or more, will help energise the ongoing mission of the Foundation, as we practice sacred listening, co-create with nature, and work as an expression of love.


Benefit events may take the form of concerts, parties, dances, film screenings, book readings, visiting performers, inspirational and keynote speakers, foodie events, sporting challenges, and more.


Trusts and Foundations

The Foundation invites Trusts and Foundations to partner with us in support of a wide array of work in the Findhorn region, throughout Scotland and internationally.


Leave a Gift in Your Will

The Findhorn Foundation Legacy Circle honours and acknowledges all individuals and families who wish to benefit the Foundation and future generations through their Wills and other forms of legacy giving.

Meet the team

Simon Stedman
Simon Stedman

Finance Steward
Legacies and heritage giving

Shaun Vincent
Shaun Vincent

Business Development Manager & Interim Head of Philanthropy 
Trust and foundation partnerships

Valerie Whistler
Valerie Whistler

Philanthropy Events and Outreach Officer
Philanthropy events

Laurie McCurley
Laurie McCurley

Database Administrator

Sara Brockbank
Sara Brockbank

Philanthropy Officer

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