Thank you for stepping into the sacred energy stream of your new community owned Sanctuary

The Sanctuary’s Loving Embrace

As you settle into a sacred space and feel the energy of Spirit embrace you like a warm hug, anything feels possible. The Main Sanctuary in the Park helped people to feel that warm hug and enjoy a deeper connection to self and Spirit.

If you want to help to rebuild this sacred space

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Findhorn Foundation sanctuary remains

Devastating Loss

After the horrific fires in April 2021 the Main Sanctuary is needing your loving embrace so it can rise again.

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Starting A Fresh Collaboration

Representatives from the major Park stakeholders came together and created a new Park development committee, referred to as DevCom:

  • Title Holders Association (THA)
  • New Findhorn Association (NFA);
  • Findhorn Foundation (FF);
  • Dunelands (DL);
  • New Findhorn directions (NFD)
  • Park Ecovillage Trust (PET)
  • Findhorn Hinterland Trust (FHT)
  • Greenleaf Design and Build
  • joined by Kathy Tyler, Findhorn Foundation Trustee; John Talbott as Chair, JR Fulton as Project Manager and Marilyn Hamilton as Community Consultation Guide

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DevCom carried out a community consultation around the hopes and dreams for the new Park Sanctuary. This included an extensive survey, an online attunement and two site walks to tune into the new Sanctuary – and in the spirit of co-creation – to seek input from the Landscape Angel and the Angel of Findhorn for the new Sanctuary form and function.

View full report (PDF, 14.4 MB)

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Devcom Sanctuary Survey

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Birthing The Vision For The New Sanctuary

Following the community consultation, DevCom developed a brief and hosted a two-day design intensive with nine people, some with professional design and/or building skills and others to represent all the aspects of our growing community. In the final hours of the final day a design did magically emerge that the group all resonated with. It was an amazing process and privilege to be able to bring forth a shared vision for the New Sanctuary.

Your Love Is Bringing The New Sanctuary Into Being

The sanctuary’s welcoming embrace is already reaching out and enveloping the Community.

Trees from the old sanctuary site, as well as other trees from the Wilkie Woods that were blown down in the winter storms, have given of themselves to become part of the new structure.

Passionate people have tuned in and offered their inspirations for the New Sanctuary building.

Creative individuals have collated the inspirations into a design, and others are joyfully preparing the wood gifted by Nature.

The Park Planning Group (PPG) has reviewed the design. Open house sessions are being held in the Sky Lab for further thoughts, feelings and intuitive insights. This feedback will be reviewed and incorporated into the design.

A meditation was lovingly held by Kathy Tyler to bless the new Sanctuary. Enjoy the highlights and see our new sunrise panel in this video by Thomas George.

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Meditation lovingly held by Kathy Tyler

Findhorn Foundation sanctuary trees removal

Once finalised, an application to build will be made to the local Council for approval.

Then the joyful manifestation of the physical structure will start.

By embracing the sanctuary with your love and joy, and giving just £50 today, you will co-create this most sacred space for people to enjoy for years to come.

Believe in the power of bringing committed people into a closer connection with Spirit!

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