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“The [Creating Findhorn Where You Are online] course is absolutely amazing – and life-changing. Each large group session has moved me to incorporate at least one new ‘practice’ into my life!

I am developing an amazing relationship with a tall, very old tree which is in my daughter’s backyard. The feel of breeze/ air on my cheek is like a kiss from my family of Nature.

[It’s] opened me up to a deeper awareness of, and receptivity to, the world of Spirit. It’s delicious!!!”

Suzanne, online participant


You are a life-changing turning point

for so many lives like Suzanne’s. Your caring soul and generous donation can be the keys to changing someone’s world and the world around them. Please complete the form below and connect your loving kindness to other change makers who would benefit from a transformative experience at the Findhorn Foundation.

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If you are a US donor you can save money on tax by making a tax-deductible donation through the Tides Foundation. NGOsource certifies that the Findhorn Foundation is organised, operated and funded in accordance with guidelines required by US tax authorities to be a public charity.

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