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Daniel Greenberg: It feels like coming home

Words by Dell Horler

In what he’s called a ‘surprising inevitability’, Findhorn Fellow and former community member Daniel Greenberg is joining us as Director of Education in September. He shared his vision for this new role.

Daniel Greenberg

Meet our new Director of Education

‘Can we re-engage that curiosity, that mystery – the mystery school, essentially – and be open to change and that deep listening that I think is in the DNA?’

Daniel Greenberg is asking some interesting questions ahead of joining us as the Foundation’s new Director of Education. He’s stepping in at a challenging moment for the Foundation, but also at a time when the global need for the energy of Findhorn is greater than ever.

‘There’s a question – a fear – of how do we live in a world that might be unravelling? I think Findhorn is uniquely positioned to create those holding containers and help us find our emotional resilience.’

On a flying visit ahead of moving here in September (if his visa arrives in time!), he shared the ‘surprise’ of his appointment, and his feeling of coming home.

We’re looking forward to welcoming him back into the community.

In conversation with Daniel Greenberg

Please note that 'Findhorn' in this interview is used to refer to the Findhorn Foundation and community, not Findhorn Village.

About Daniel

Daniel has been involved with Findhorn and the ecovillage movement since 1988 when he pursued his doctoral thesis on ‘growing up in communes’. He then spent a year at Findhorn where he was inspired to found the non-profit Living Routes, which partnered with UMass-Amherst to run study-abroad programmes based in ecovillages around the world.

Daniel has lived and worked in over 100 ecovillages around the world, is co-founder and past Board Member of Gaia Education, and served as President of the Global Ecovillage Network from 2015-2019.

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