Cullerne Garden is where we at the Findhorn Foundation grow vegetables and fruit using a combination of traditional organic, biodynamic and permaculture methods for our community meals. Inspired by permaculture principles, we tend ourselves and our co-creative vegetable partners with music, singing and dance.


DSCN5276Gardening in Cullerne

Cullerne Garden is a rich physical and spiritual ecosystem within the larger system of The Park. Its 2.96 hectares host a myriad of lives and systems, both visible and invisible. In addition to the fields, herb garden, flower areas, dancing lawn, two ponds and some forest, the garden is home to two large polytunnels, Badger and Otter, and three smaller ones.

After fifty years of the community’s composting and energy work our soil has transformed from sand to rich humus, and now the garden is exuberantly fertile, producing an abundance of vegetables and also fruit from our trees and hedges.

Music accompanies our activities here in Cullerne. In our famous tea breaks, along with herbal teas from the garden, homemade jam from our own fruit and organic toast from the Findhorn Bakery, we often sing songs and dance together.


Get Involved

All year round we invite guests to come and engage in love in action by gardening in a spirit of love and awareness. You can stay with us as a Short Term Guest any weekday or spend more time with us during the programmes of the Findhorn Foundation. In Spring we offer Service Weeks where you can be part of the garden team for a whole week.

Throughout the year we celebrate the ancient Celtic Festivals, which mark the changes in nature at the turning of the seasons. With fire and song, good food and good companions we honour our Celtic forerunners. They are some of the highlights of our gardening year. Cullerne also hosts plant sales, cake sales and the famous Cullerne Garden Games.

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Projects and Future Plans

After sucessfull pilots we are also inviting adults with learning difficulties and socially excluded teenagers from the local area, who are taking part in the Building Bridges Programs to join us in our daily activities in the garden.

Our dreams of hosting workshops and creating spaces for new ways of being with the land are already taking shape as we developed a beautiful camping field under the trees with a small camp kitchen and water supply where we hosted around 25 campers from all over the world during the Gen+20 Summit.