How can we become more loving and thrive in our daily lives? How can we co-create a thriving and loving world?

Together we’ll travel through eight steps that deepen our connection with the essence of the Findhorn Foundation, and support us in creating lives that are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and whole, enabling us to connect lovingly with those around us.

During our time together community members will share how we embody our core practices in different areas of our lives. Together we will explore the steps we can take to create the life we really want to live. We’ll build in times of meditation, contemplation, attunement, nature connection, loving what we are doing and whom we are doing it with, movement, healthy eating, self love, heart-open connection to others and much more.


Meet Britta, one of the facilitators guiding the journey

We will follow the steps that people experience when they have been on our in-person programmes:

  1. Break away from the everyday routine to make space for a new approach to life.
  2. Meditate and spend time regularly in nature.
  3. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, in harmony with nature and the needs of your body.
  4. Find love, self-acceptance and celebrate who you are through positive connections with others.
  5. Bring love and creativity into daily life, by consciously appreciating what you do and who you are with.
  6. Bring sacred ritual and celebration into every aspect of your life.
  7. Work consciously with the power of intention and inner guidance.
  8. Serve others with love and a clear sense of purpose.
Two women jumping in the Findhorn dunes

Together we will explore

  • Meditation
  • Attuning with nature
  • Eating healthily
  • Accepting and celebrating yourself and each other
  • Learning to trust your inner guidance
  • Appreciating each day
  • Discerning your true inner voice
  • Having faith in the path you choose
  • Celebrating and serving others
  • Discovering how to turn within to create a thriving and loving world.

What to expect

We will be going on this journey together. Join us for this unique journey – here’s what to look forward to:

  • Each week we will meet for the main sessions on Tuesdays at 7pm (UK time) for two hours, live on Zoom (or catch up with the recording at a time that suits you). The main sessions will be held by our facilitators and guest presenters.
  • You will be part of smaller homegroups on Zoom at times that work for you. The homegroups will be facilitated by a member of the Findhorn Foundation or community.
  • You will also meet in sharing trios, peer groups of fellow travellers, at a time that works for the three of you. You can check in with your trio whenever and as often as you like.
  • We also have an online course hub, which is our new interactive online platform to support you in your journey. This is an opportunity to become clear on your own personal quest by interacting with other travellers. In the hub you will find the replays of the main sessions for you to watch at your leisure, plus additional inspirational material on each step (videos, documents, etc.).

Is this online course for you?

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Findhorn, but haven’t found the time to go…

If you’ve visited in the past and wanted to re-experience the magic…

If you want to avoid the environmental impact of travelling…

If you want to live in harmony with nature…

If you want to learn deep inner listening…

If you want to express love in action through your work…

If you want to be surrounded by like-minded people and support each other through the times ahead…

… then yes, this online workshop may be for you!

What previous participants say about this course

Pricing & Dates

Creating Findhorn Where You Are will be held from 12th July to 30th August 2022.

The main sessions will be held on Tuesdays, 7-9pm (UK time) on Zoom. The times for homegroups and sharing trios will be arranged during the workshop to fit around your schedule.

Course price: £588 (or you can pay in three instalments of £196)

If you’d love to join us but find the rate a financial strain, please contact Bookings to apply for a subsidised place on the course.

Meet your guides

Britta Schmitz portrait

Britta Schmitz

Britta Schmitz (PhD) has been part of the Findhorn Foundation since 2009. For five years she lived on the beautiful Isle of Erraid on the Scottish west coast. Living so close to the elements has had a big impact on her life and strengthened her connection to the earth and the divine.

She is passionate about creating a supportive environment for each participant’s individual transformational journey, enabling them to find out who they truly are and want to be in this world. For many years she has been part of the team that manages Cullerne, the Foundation’s organic food production garden, and held the staff intake programme. Currently she enjoys creating content for social media.

A large part of her spiritual path has taken her on a shamanic journey. Before she came to Erraid she trained as a primary school teacher, taught at university and wrote her PhD thesis on Gender Studies.

Cathy Garner portrait

Cathy Garner

Cathy’s very new to the Findhorn Foundation and is Creating Findhorn Where SHE Is, living with her family in rural Worcestershire. Like many of you, she’s a bit of a free spirit and stepped away from a fairly conventional career in leadership development in 2005, with the motto ‘earn less; live more’.

After walking in Gandhi’s footsteps, supporting women’s self-help groups in Tamil Nadu, and heading off into the desert with the Bedouin, she found herself working as a relationship coach online.

Her work for the Foundation is giving birth to our new online courses, so we can share the learnings unfolding here for almost 60 years, with people all over the globe.

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