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Climate Change Conversations [Video]

From April 20 to 26, The Findhorn Foundation hosted Climate Change & Consciousness, one of our largest conferences ever. Here, participants and speakers share their reflections from each day of the conference.




How was our Climate Change & Consciousness conference? Also, what did people take away from it? Community members Yvonne Cuneo and Kosha Joubert, CCC19 MC and CEO of Global Ecovillage Network share their perspectives here.


How do indigenous people look at climate change? How we can reconnect with nature? And how do we look at the white elephant in the room: colonialism? Thursday’s Daily Conference Update with Maori Te Akau Wharehoka, Namibian Violela Namises and Aztec Anita Sanchez addresses these questions.

We’re sorry that from 3:35 – 11:40 the video is frozen. The audio is still working, so that part of the conversation you’ll have to enjoy in podcast-style.


To begin, Charles Eisenstein speaks about how it would benefit us if we see the Earth as a living being. Then Vandana Shiva advocates for focusing on our soil instead of oil. Afterwards, Spring Cheng tells us how ancient China can give us a different perspective on ourselves as humans.


In this sharing three of the young people participating in the youth programme join us to share their perspectives. First is Maggie Filor, who survived when her house burned down when she was 8. Then Whakaritaua Stanyon tells why she’s grateful for her Maori upbringing. Lastly, Finn Cahn from Ireland tells how he benefited from leaving the normal education system and going to an alternative.


Can indigenous people teach us to celebrate our beauty? Also, how can the elements help us to improve our health? And do we need spiritual fire fighters? In Monday’s Daily Conference Update: Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq: shamanic elder from Greenland; Sally Ibbotson: chi gong teacher; and Mike Beasly firelover and firefighter.


First, environmentalist Jonathon Porritt, laywer for nature, Mumta Ito and founder of the green lifestyle magazine MyGreenPod Jarvis Smith talk about their highlights of the day. So do we need to fight or love? Does a river have rights? And how are we dealing with the possible extinction of humanity?