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Why they call us Maintenance Superheroes

There I was, arguing with a tube of silicone over the bathtub in Ross Stewart’s bungalow (the silicone, of course, had taken the upper hand and I was almost entirely covered with the sticky white gloop from head to toe), when I felt that chilling vibration that sends shivers up my spine, and an instant later that piping little tune that signifies that the most awful state of circumstances has arisen. A major conflagration? An earthquake of mammoth proportions? The fall of nations? It could be anything, for the Maintenance Emergency Phone has just gone off in my pocket. (read more…)

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Introducing…Park Maintenance

I did want to start off our new Park Maintenance Blog with an introduction to you of our team, so you could meet the great group of guys that maintain the Findhorn Foundation here at The Park. But half the guys are out focalising Transformation Games and retreating to Erraid for a much deserved rest. So, it’s just Paul and I holding the fort this week and we’re going to have to wait for the others to get back so that you can meet us all at once. Perhaps I should introduce myself, though. Hi, I’m Michael. Good, now that’s done, I am going to introduce you to the Department. (read more…)

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