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Patch Adams – Day 2

Today Patch asks us, “What is your love strategy?” We begin by investigating the nature of giving and receiving. We are invited to enter into a visualisation. We are asked to picture ourselves visiting the many people and places in the world that we know, and those we don’t know, to take a snapshot of us embracing them. We are encouraged to go to the most remote and uninviting places and to embrace the most difficult and abhorrent people, taking a mental photograph of each loving embrace. (read more…)

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Patch Adams – Day 1

When I knew Patch Adams was returning to Findhorn, I watched the movie and was inspired by the powerful force of nature of this man. In the flesh, Patch is awesome. A perpetual clown, he wears crazy clothes and carries the tools of his trade in bottomless pockets, half his long grey hair is dyed blue and his fork earring clatters against the microphone cable, sounding like a buddhist mindfulness bell, especially when he becomes animated. “I love people! I dress this way so that they cannot resist starting a conversation!” (read more…)

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