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In response to Covid-19 the Findhorn Foundation has suspended upcoming residential guest programmes until at least 5th June.
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Why Join the Spiritual Deepening Programme? [video]

September 18, 2019 By Gerrit Post

Susan Miles and Judith Bone will hold the Findhorn Foundation month-long programme, Spiritual Deepening, in November. In this video series they share short reflections on how this programme may benefit and enrich your life.


Part 1: Motivation

Why do Judith and Susan want to hold this programme themselves?

Part 2: Enthusiasm!

Judith and Susan are planning the programme and drew an angel card: Enthusiasm! So, what do those words ‘Spiritual Deepening’ actually mean?

Check out the video on the Facebook page to see the comments.

Learn more about Spiritual Deepening

Spiritual Deepening will be held from 16 November – 14 December at the Findhorn Foundation. Visit the programme page to discover more and book your spot.

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