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Where are we focusing our energy and love at the Findhorn Foundation in 2021?

February 25, 2021 By Caroline Matters
New beginnings

New initiatives, both local and global, are the focus at the Findhorn Foundation right now. Caroline Matters, Lead steward, has an update on what’s happening at The Park and at Cluny.

As we see the first hints of Spring here in the north of Scotland, it feels like we are really in sync with the land and the New Beginnings energy unfolding around us. With the world as it is right now, we have an opportunity – and even an urgency – to help transform consciousness and contribute to a new way of being – in ourselves, in our society, the economy, on our planet. It’s all connected.


Reconsidering the business model

That’s one of the reasons why the Foundation is reconsidering its traditional business model. Covid obviously has meant we can’t host guests here right now, but long term we also have to look at the impact of international travel on our carbon footprint.
As you know, there’s a massive emphasis now on developing our online educational presence, and the joy of that for me is we can now reach our entire global family! While we can’t wait to have people here at Findhorn again, we can now help them experience the magic and essence of Findhorn where they are.

Hints of spring

Hints of spring

Supporting our area

But we’re also focusing on local travel and initiatives – in a number of ways that are really new and exciting for the Foundation!
There’s a lovely initiative unfolding with Cullerne gardens and Park Kitchen. As soon as we’re able they’ll be hosting young people from the local area for education and skills development – a syllabus is currently being refined, based on our core principles of love in action, co-creation with the intelligence of nature, and inner listening.

Leveraging local travel

I’m also really excited about another plan to diversify our income – and reliance on fundraising – by using our accommodation in The Park. Again, as soon as hospitality is allowed, we’ll be offering loosely held retreats, where individuals, families or household groups can rent some of the cottages in The Park, and not only enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings but also experience living within our community.
Similarly, with the emphasis on local travel, we’ll partner with like-minded organisations within the UK who want to bring courses and workshops here.
COP 26 in Glasgow in November is also a focus, and with that in mind, through the Findhorn International Centre for Sustainability (FICS) we’re developing business and environmental courses here at the Park.

New life near the bungalows, outside the Original Garden

New creativity unfolding

Essentially, Covid and the loss of our primary income through onsite workshops, has forced us to refresh, be creative and find a new way of looking at how we remain financially viable and most importantly, how we step up to serve the world right now.
So out of the disruption and trauma of this pandemic on the world, there is an opportunity for change, for progress and for hope. As we discover, plan and implement these changes, we are taking the time to weave our practical plans and tasks at The Park and at Cluny with spiritual inquiry sessions, inner attunement and listening, and to practice love in action and co-creation with the non-physical realms, which support the ongoing evolution of this centre of light.
At the birth of our community our founders were focused on ‘creating the new’ deep using inner attunement and listening. A need for the new and emergent is here again. And that is where we are placing our energy and our love.

Thank you for being on the journey with us!

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