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What’s happening at the Foundation?

February 3, 2021 By F. F. Content
Caroline Matters

WITH VIDEO BELOW:    January 2021 will remain an important date in the history of the Findhorn Foundation. It marks the end of a long journey of contraction that started when the pandemic forced us to close to residential guests for now, changing so much of the community life we’ve loved for decades.
The resulting financial crisis forced a heartbreaking process of re-evaluating all the roles that have always supported the holding of guests and kickstarted the formal redundancy process that at times has felt so alien to the way we normally operate.

Caroline Matters, our lead steward:
‘What a time this is, of profound change. More than half our co-worker body left us at the end of January. Many have been here for decades and are woven into the fabric of this community. So January was a sad time of goodbyes, and now a much smaller group of about 50 are starting the process of reimagining the Foundation and how we work to share love, light and wisdom within the world. Our core impulse still shines brightly, and it also goes with the co-workers who are moving on out into the world.
‘We have engaged Touch, a creative agency in Edinburgh that worked on the Edinburgh International Festival, to help us redefine who we are now, and how we share our service to the world. This first week of February we’re holding an internal conference to work on our mission – to pause for some deep inner listening to guide our way through this transition and step into New Beginnings with hope, love, inspiration and purpose.’
The Foundation community held a two-day completion and threshold ritual on 19 and 20 January – sadly on Zoom of course. Here is Sue Miles’s account of this last coming together of the Foundation grouping as we’ve known it for so long.

Sue Miles, co-worker:
‘This was to mark the release of the Foundation as we have known it, as well as the workforce who have been made redundant. It was a touching and deeply significant moment, as I’m sure you can imagine. It has been heartbreaking and shocking for many of the co-workers, but it was clear that we simply could not continue as we were with no income coming in.
‘On the second day we divided into two groups: those continuing on and those leaving. Transformation Game creators Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler (who is also our chair of trustees) each led a group to do a next-steps process in connection with the intention as follows:
Intention: To gain insight and gather resources to support our crossing of the threshold.
‘The next steps were not intended to be cards for any group as a whole, but to support each person’s crossing of the threshold we worked with on Tuesday.
‘For all of us that threshold is one of leaving the Foundation as we have all known it. Some of us will move forward with the Foundation as it goes through its changes, others of us will move forward in myriad directions. In the sharings, some people processed the cards very personally, and others related the cards to the Foundation’s overall process.’

Cards for those moving forward within the Foundation:
Insight: You take the initiative.
Setback: You feel the need to be always proving yourself to others at the expense of taking time to really listen and communicate.
Insight 1: An opportunity to give truthful feedback now to one other player who is born.
Insight 2: You are willing to bear the discomfort involved in shifting perspective.
Angel: Purpose.

Cards for those moving forward beyond the Foundation:
Insight: Thank you for demonstrating joyous, conscious human living.
Group Setback: Are we really all one? Your ego receives a minor dent and you react by getting uptight, thereby cutting off the love flow and effective communication.
Group Insight: You are radiant with forgiveness.
Angel: Gratitude.

These amazing cards, so apt for each group, offer a foundation and support for all our next steps. Right now the co-worker body must come together and redefine who we are and how we can best serve our shared purpose of shining the Foundation’s light into the world.
The New Beginnings internal conference starts this evolution, and we’ll continue to post updates on the process of the Foundation’s new unfolding.

‘Deep gratitude to everyone for their support through this process, and for the heartening wishes of love and care we’ve received from all around the world. The Findhorn Foundation has had such a profound effect on so many people over the last six decades, and we’re very conscious of the responsibility we carry to keep its light shining. We look forward to taking this new journey with you.’

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