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We love your Solstice Spiral ideas

January 11, 2021 By Adelle Horler
Solstice spiral

So much creativity! In response to the video on how to create your own Solstice ritual, we received even more ideas on building beautiful spirals. Here’s Britta Schmitz on some of the feedback we received:

It was so wonderful to see how many Winter Solstice Spirals were created and walked beyond Findhorn this winter. There were lovely comments on Facebook and Instagram from people saying they’d build and walk their own spiral. What a great way to connect the world in a network of light, celebrating this ritual of transition into the new together.

Candle spiral

Candle spiral from Susanne Kunze in Sachsen

We received images from Susie who lives in the small Community Kulturfabrik Mittelherwigsdorf in Sachsen, Oberlausitz in Germany. They created their Winter Solstice Spiral from ribbons and candles, which they lit at nighttime.

Their ritual time started at the Winter Solstice and they kept lighting the candles over the Christmas period, especially for the Christian Community of this region as they couldn’t hold services in the church this year. The last candles were lit over the New Year for people to walk the spiral into 2021. The ribbons remain out so it can still be walked for a bit longer. It’s so touching to see this small community taking care to create a meaningful ritual in this dark time of year for the wider community surrounding them, no matter what their faith or religion.

Diana Riedel's spiral in Oberharz

Diana Riedel’s spiral in Oberharz

A spiral for the animals!

A spiral for the animals!

Another spiral was built in Germany in the Oberharz region for New Year’s Eve by Diana. She built it from apple and carrot peel and bird seed for the animals to feed on after the ritual. Beautiful to see how she connected this ritual to lovingly caring for the environment and feeding the animals during winter at the same time. I feel so touched by this and am looking forward to trying it out myself sometime. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us Diana!


Labyrinth in Koh Phangan

Labyrinth in Koh Phangan

Of course this isn’t simply a Northern Hemisphere ritual, and it’s not always a spiral that’s used to let go and invite in. I was lucky enough to experience a beautiful labyrinth made from shells, coral and coconuts on the island of Koh Phangan on the Solstice in 2012 (21/12/12). It was such a beautiful experience to walk it with a big group of people on this very special day and during the night when it was lit by candles, listening to the sound of the waves from the nearby beach. It was built for this occasion and still exists and gets used for the solstices, full moon celebrations and other rituals.

Building your own spiral and creating a ritual to release the old and invite in the new can of course happen at any time you’re drawn to it. There’s the Summer and Winter Solstices, the Equinoxes in Spring and Autumn, at full or new moons, on special personal occasions like your birthday – or any time it feels important to step through a threshold into a new way of being.


If you have space outside you could use evergreens, stones, shells, candles, cornflour or ribbon, you can draw it on the beach or in the snow or use whatever you have available in nature around you. If you can’t do it outside, you can also create a spiral in your home with scarves, shells, stones or whatever else looks beautiful and feels meaningful to you.

Takae's indoor spiral

Takae’s indoor spiral

For example, here’s the beautiful indoor spiral my friend Takae creates every year in Osaka, Japan. Because she’s in a rented space, she uses electric candles and ribbon for the ritual. She also regularly holds a Findhorn group there, sharing Eileen’s Guidance, Sacred Dance and Taizé Singing.




Takae's spiral all lit up

Takae’s spiral all lit up

So you can see, there are many more exciting possibilities!

Here’s an idea on how to build your own spiral and if you feel drawn to create a labyrinth here is inspiration. I’ve posted a song for the spiral on Facebook, and please look here for more information about labyrinths.

Lots of Love, Britta ❤

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