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VIDEOS: The energy remains

April 15, 2021 By Adelle Horler
Video fire damage

It’s undeniably heartbreaking to look over the ravaged sites of the Main Sanctuary and the Community Centre, as these two videos show, remembering the deep love, laughter, sometimes tears and above all the heart-opening connection that those walls witnessed.

But hope, and more, remains.

‘I’m spellbound by the energy that is still there in the ashes,’ said Caroline Matters in a community meeting yesterday morning.

Britta Schmitz in the Communications Department sees what could almost be the seed of a new structure: ‘When I look at the ashes of the Sanctuary, I see the energy that still lives there rising above it. It has the shape of a sea urchin, made of beautiful lines of glittering light flowing in the most delicate spiralling patterns…’

Dorothy Maclean, one of our co-founders, received this message from the Landscape Angel after a fire in 1972 – it’s just as appropriate now:

‘There is nothing you can do about that fire, so just see the best in it. Don’t search for reasons. Let us heal the land and add your happy love to the area.’

That is certainly what we’ll do – and we’re blessed and deeply grateful for all the love that you, our extended family community, is shining on us from all around the world.

These two videos, made by Alex Wright, share images of our beloved buildings as they were, and as they remain now. Please be aware the images of the damage may be shocking. We also hope they’ll stir memories of the beautiful times that thousands of people around the world have shared in these spaces. If you have memories you’d like to share, please mail them to [email protected]

Thank you to Mark Richards (auroraimaging.eu) and Hugo Klip for their images.

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The Main Sanctuary

The Community Centre