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The power of the Transformation Game

June 17, 2021 By Joy Drake
Transformation Game

The Transformation Game was first designed to distil the experience of living in the Findhorn Community into a form that could be carried the world over. Here’s co-founder Joy Drake on the power of the Game.

The universe always reminds us and teaches us, but sometimes we miss its messages. If we don’t catch them, they keep repeating unfinished issues. The design of the Game helps us catch those messages and lets us see ourselves and the changes we need to make, in ways we simply can’t miss.

Transformation Game

The board game

Plus playing a game is a lot of fun. It’s exciting and engaging to select cards, choose your next move, share your awareness, listen, learn, appreciate, serve, laugh, cry, and express your clarity, uniqueness and uncensored outrageousness. Remarkably the Game keeps going on after the board and equipment is packed away. It has given us a preview of our life’s coming attractions, and now the Insights and Setbacks in our games begin to weave into the fabric of our everyday lives.
This can be a tricky time. It requires alertness, resilience and dedication, as a new you is emerging and a new vibration is seeking an anchor in the midst of the same old routines and comfortable ruts. It’s time to update self-care of your body, mind and speech and stay with your intention and spiritual vision, with as much grace as you can.


Transformation Game

A Game sized for human players

How is the Game played?

It can be a board game or embodied with human players in a much bigger setting, which is how we’ll play the Global Transformation Game Online, from 28 June to 2 July.
Players move through different levels, from Earth to Spiritual planes, receiving a variety of illuminating cards, experiences and choices, such as Insights, Setbacks, Angels and Blessings along the way. These mirror players’ thoughts, feelings and beliefs, reflecting a clear picture of options for change. Personal awareness and spiritual growth are accelerated.



Transformation angel

A place of transformation!

Translating the lived experience

For many years now the Game has been integrated into the fabric of the Findhorn Community. Residents and guests learn and grow from it, since it so clearly embodies the Community’s founding principles of inner listening, love in action and co-creation with nature. The two are inseparable now. Also the portable play-it-yourself Game in a Box has made the Findhorn experience even more widely available without flying to Scotland.
Looking back, I realise that I hoped to shape the ‘Findhorn Experience’ into a form that everyone could learn from and be inspired by, instead of spending three years living here.

A living, evolving being

Over the years I’ve witnessed that the Game itself is a living, evolving being. It’s imbued with a spiritual thermostat that’s updated by angelic colleagues who maintain and service its equilibrium, flow, creativity, flexibility and miracles. If you over-ventilate and try too hard, it will help you to slow down. If you’re breathing too shallowly it will help you deepen your inhale. Thankfully tuning in to this inner partnership and practising intuitive agility allows us to thrive in different frequencies and is another gift from the Game Deva.
As interest in playing the Game and using the Angel Cards has grown and it has become more widely activated, its power has also increased, and because we respect and cooperate with the subtle worlds, they give back again. So the Transformation Game is more powerful now than it was when it was first developed more than 40 years ago. This also helps the Game stay current and inter-generational.

Global Transformation Game

Behind the scenes at a Global Transformation Game

Transforming organisations

This is not only a personal healing tool, but it also teaches how to communicate in a group – whether it is in a family, company, or organisation – to help your relationship with others move to the next level. We have developed several versions of the Game, including a coaching method called Framework for Change (FCP), for use in business settings. Using a shorter time structure, coaches can assist team leaders to interact with the team and provide a miniature transformational game experience. The FCP is like a searchlight illuminating the emerging issues, helpful resources, overlooked aspects and challenges that need to be recognised in a company or organisation.

Play the Game

Join the five-day Global Transformation Game Online: Grounding the Pulse of Sustainable Change from 28 June to 2 July. For those new to the Game, this programme includes an optional introduction to how to play. Find more information and book here. 

  • The Transformation Game was created by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler of InnerLinks
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