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The beauty and wildness of the Sidhe

September 23, 2019 By Søren Hauge
The Sidhe

In October we will explore the Sidhe. Several artists and writers have tried to capture the essence of these ‘hidden people’ in art. See four artistic impressions on the Sidhe.

Visions of golden relatives

The Sidhe according to George William Russel
George William Russell (Known as “AE”) was a Sidhe seer, a spiritual pioneer and trailblazing artist in Ireland. Some of his paintings reveal contacts he had with the Sidhe who live in the subtle realm of Earth, and who encounter us from time to time. They emerge as a kind of glowing aboriginals, reminding us of the beauty of Earth and the fragility of life. These images are not romantic dreams of never-never-land, but real testimonies of our true kindred spirits and planetary neighbors, calling us to life-renewal.

3-day event with the Sidhe
If you want to get to know the Sidhe, then come to our 3-day event ‘Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe‘ in October. Read more on the programme page. Also available via livestream.

So close – yet almost forgotten

The Sidhe by Brian Froud
The Sidhe are our closest kin. They are like forgotten relatives that live in our vicinity, yet go unnoticed by us. See them as embedded in nature and still able to partake in the song of the Earth, deeply connected with the life-flow and the musicality of all living beings. They approach us increasingly today as we share the Gaian destiny and we need to reconnect in order to heal the planetary situation. These images of Brian Froud reveal a glimpse of their beauty and the sensitivity of their being.

Elvenheart – listen and awake!

The Sidhe by Julia Jeffrey
Julia Jeffreys is one of the gifted artists who portray faeries or the Sidhe, reminding us of the “elvish” nature we also have in our own hearts. When we discover how alienated we have become, a new journey can begin. We discover that our very own human nature contains an almost forgotten Elvenheart full of grace and starlight, wrapped in the greenness of the living earth. What or who may approach us when we start listening passionately to the unfiltered voices of Mother Nature?

Faces of natural presence

The Sidhe by Deborah Koff Chapin
We humans have excelled in hiding from naked life. Our sensitive and intelligent human nature has become trapped in masques and image-worship. We need to rewind and rewild ourselves and to face our nakedness. Here our Sidhe-relatives may offer us partnership and mentoring. Their approach to life is full of authentic connectedness and gentle adaptability as they listen to the song of life from the hearts of their fellow beings. The artist, Deborah Koff-Chapin, capture this brilliantly.

More about the Sidhe

Watch the recording of our 2019 three day event Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe to learn more.

The Lorian Association has worked with and researched the sidhe extensively. You can find their books and card deck of the Sidhe in their online store (scroll down to the Sidhe section.)


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