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Answering a Call from the Subtle Realms [Exercise]

August 2, 2018 By Thomas Miller
subtle realms call

A few years ago a call from subtle partners came into my awareness. At the time it felt more like a headache. I didn’t sense any idea at first, only a sense of pressure and insistence. It happened in the middle of an all coworkers meeting at the Findhorn Foundation at Cluny. Cluny is the refurbished Victorian spa hotel that houses about half of the Foundation members. Due to generations of loving care and cooperation between people and the subtle realms, Cluny has very thin ‘veils’ between the visible and invisible sides of life.

After a while the pressure in my awareness had started to feel like depression. This happens to me when I don’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a spiritual impulse in a timely way. I realised I needed to head for the sanctuary to meditate. Conveniently, Cluny’s exceptionally beautiful sanctuary was right next door to where we were meeting. About three seconds after I seated myself in the sanctuary, I realised that the inspiration was to hold a conference. It would be an event bringing the human realms and Earth’s subtle realms together.

Answering a Call

I had never organised a conference before, but I decided to jump in head-first. So I stood up in the coworker meeting and announced I was committing to holding the focus for the conference. To my surpise, a woman came up and gave me a big hug. The woman, Judy McAllister, was a subtle realms teacher and long-time member of the Findhorn community. She told me that many beings at Findhorn had been wanting this to happen for a long time. However, her subtle partners always told her to wait for someone new to come and hold it. Because I agreed to do it, I was that newbie.

Conferences at the Findhorn Foundation are not just one-off events. They embody spiritual impulses that move through the community and into the world. Being a focus point for this conference, my microcosmic journey reflected a larger evolutionary movement. The event is like a resonating bowl sending out a note calling people and other beings to transform in a specific way.

This is what I know of that calling, and how I learned to work with it:

subtle realms calling

Our world loves us – would you like to open more to its love?

Increasing the Love Between Our Worlds

When I asked the conference’s co-creators who live in the subtle realms what their goal for this event is, I heard an instantaneous, clear answer. ‘To increase the love between the subtle and human realms’ flashed into my mind. I see great wisdom in their approach. Love will draw people to meet the unseen realms. Love will also sustain us as we (re)discover how we can weave our lives more closely together.
It’s very different than some approaches I encounter in spiritual writings. I’ve encountered plenty of strident messages, supposedly coming from the subtle worlds, about how humans are ruining things and need to change. It’s easy for people (including me sometimes) to buy into that sense of shame or guilt, while feeling like it’s somehow virtuous to do so. But it also doesn’t show us a healthy way forward.

I think my subtle realms allies are right. While I do believe that for the whole world’s sake we need to change, I believe that increasing our love for the world and all its subtle realms, not increasing feelings of guilt and shame about our role, will shape a positive future.

[Exercise] Take some time to walk in Nature and appreciate the beauty and fascination of what you see in it. Breathe deeply and let your sense of appreciation and curiosity lead you. This is a wonderful way to open doors in your perception]

Meeting Subtle Realms Partners

When I participate in the Tuesday meditations to support the conference I sense a throbbing cascade of love, as if crowds of supportive beings are surrounding our group, peeking in through the roof. I always feel deeply moved by their eagerness. My sense is they’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a while and are very keen to come closer to us in love. It’s not as though everyone in the subtle realms wants to connect with us. However, I do believe there are many partners who would welcome a closer, more loving relationship. They also indicate to me that now is an especially good time to deepen our connection.

Now is a perfect – and needed – time to partner more deeply with the subtle worlds.

Finding ways to relate with the subtle realms is both deeply natural and also tricky. Our partners meet us on the level of our inner being, where we meet intimately. However, I have found this a bit awkward sometimes. For example, it’s easy for me to tell someone ‘I’m fine’ when actually I’m upset or intensely enthusiastic. There’s no possibility of doing this with subtle realms partners. They see what I’m really feeling and thinking, sometimes more clearly than I do. So I don’t think there is any precedent for the new kind of relationship we need to cultivate with the unseen realms, which to me makes it a challenge at times. However, I see that our subtle realms partners are eager to learn alongside of us how to develop the partnership we and our world need.

For me learning to relate with the subtle realms (including my own subtle aspects) is the greatest calling and adventure I can imagine.

How to Connect with Your Home’s Subtle Environment

subtle realms calling

Your home space can be a garden or a place in Nature

In this short exercise, you will connect with a space that is home for you, somewhere you spend a significant amount of your time. It could be your room, your house, your neighbourhood or perhaps somewhere in Nature you often visit. You will know what is appropriate for you. Many thanks to Freya Secrest of the Lorian Association for developing it. 

  1. Take a moment to relax and breathe deeply. Allow yourself to become fully present. Feel your physical body with appreciation. Invite your subtle dimensions to become present with you. Invite your spiritual dimensions to be present with you. Feel the gift of your free will and sovereign power. Feel your wholeness.
  2. Staying with the felt sense of your physical-subtle-spiritual wholeness, “stand present” to your home space’s subtle dimensions. Introduce yourself and express your interest  to work with them. Be open, inviting the subtle dimensions of your home space to make themselves known to you. You might sense some kind of acknowledgment from it. Then take a slow, relaxed tour of your home space (you can walk slowly around your neighbourhood, for example, or spend time looking at the different areas and things in your room.) Allow impressions to come up for you. What do the different areas feel like? Friendly? Comfortable? Mysterious? Is the energy free flowing? Are there areas where the flow seems stuck? Pay attention to the different impressions, letting them come and go freely. There is no need to do anything right now – this exercise is just for getting a felt sense of your home space and connecting more deeply with it.
  3. When you have finished your tour, take a moment to connect with the whole field of your home space. Ask if something in it would be willing to accompany you to the conference, to help you integrate the learning and changes you gain from the conference when you return home. Please specify that you would like something small and portable (and legal to bring into the UK if you are traveling from elsewhere. So no plants, unfortunately.)
    Then see who volunteers for the job. You can take another sensing tour of your home space and see what calls your attention. If you are a visual learner, an image of what to take might flash into your awareness. You can also let your body move you to the right place if you want to use body awareness. If nothing comes to you, you can leave the request open and trust that something will present itself later.
  4. After you have completed your exercise, either with a friendly object or leaving the question open, thank your home space and release the connection for now. It is important to ground after subtle work (we’ll be doing a lot of that in the conference) so that you do not feel spaced out or disconnected from your normal life. Some good ways to do this are to eat a healthy meal, get some physical exercise, shake vigorously for a minute or have a good chat with friends.


Take Your Learning Further

The Lorian Association offers online trainings that will enhance your perception and ability to work with subtle realms. Join them or see below for Findhorn courses in doing so (many Lorian teachers come here to offer workshops, so check our calendar of events as well.)


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