Spring Equinox: Find inner balance

Words by Britta Schmitz

The Spring Equinox marks exciting times ahead – a time for growth and new beginnings.

Tulips at Findhorn

The Spring Equinox marks exciting times ahead – a time for growth and new beginnings. The projects, plans and dreams we planted in our hearts this past winter are ready to grow, blossom and ripen. As we slowly awaken from our winter slumbers, we leave the long, dark nights behind and welcome the warmer, stronger rays of the sun into our lives again. Patience is key – now is the time to find inner balance and ground ourselves in the here and now.

Questions to consider during this time:

  • How can I bring more balance into my life?
  • What do I need in order to let go of what’s no longer serving me?
  • Where would I like to focus my energy instead?
  • What small adjustments can I make in my daily life to reach equilibrium?
  • Spring Equinox celebrations at Findhorn

    Celebrating Spring Equinox at Findhorn

    At this time of renewal and reawakening, we hold a Spring Equinox ritual in our gardens at the Findhorn Ecovillage and Community. Following a biodynamic process that is based on the anthroposophical and spiritual world view of Rudolf Steiner, we create a ‘Biodynamic 500 Preparation’ with which we fertilise and bless our gardens.

    This process started at the Autumn Equinox, when we buried a cow’s horn filled with cow manure in the garden. It is believed, that over the colder, darker half of the year the life force energies of nature return into the soil and imbue this manure with their power and nourishment while it rests in the embrace of mother earth.

    Now, we dig it back up, mix the decomposed manure, which has transformed into humus, with water from our ponds into two big barrels and stir it for over one hour in a specific way, creating a vortex in the water. This ritual is accompanied by singing, music, dancing and most importantly – cake eating!

    Spring Equinox celebrations at the Findhorn Ecovillage

    After the lively stirring of the water, we pour the solution into smaller buckets and use twigs from our freshly pruned trees to sprinkle our own organic fertiliser all over the gardens – blessing new life and new growth.

    We extend these blessings to you – wherever you are on this planet. May the new you seek be nourished by our fecund springtime blessings from Findhorn.

    *The natural cycle of the year which the Celts and many ancient cultures lived by is divided into four major events: the two Equinoxes in spring and autumn and the two Solstices in summer and winter. At each of these points the life in our gardens and on the land goes through major shifts as light and warmth increases or decreases, a process significantly influencing all aspects of life each year anew.

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