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Sowing Summer

March 12, 2021 By Britta Schmitz
Hollyhocks on Erraid

Now is the time to sow seeds in the North of Scotland – in nature and in our lives. In a beautiful sowing meditation of hollyhock seeds, Britta Schmitz has linked Findhorn, Iona, Erraid and Glastonbury. What would you like to see growing in your lives, your communities and the world in the coming year?

Last year on Erraid I fell in love with hollyhocks. I couldn’t get enough of their soft pink petals swinging in the soft sea breeze against an azure sky.

I even made a flower essence to capture their beautiful energies. Reading up on the meaning of hollyhock I found out that it brings feelings of hopefulness, peace and joy and stands for loving, caring relationships. Isn’t this something beautiful to bring more of into the world?

Spreading joy, love, peace and hope

Making hollyhock flower essence

Making hollyhock flower essence

Not only did I want to bring the flower essence home to share, I also wanted to spread the qualities this flower stands for even wider around our community. So I harvested some seeds and during the winter I often looked at the hollyhock picture and dreamt of more hollyhocks blossoming in Findhorn one day.

And now it finally is time! I went to Cullerne to plant some seeds in seed trays to propagate in the warm polytunnel and I gave seeds to Yuko from Park Garden to plant the flowers in the heart of our community as well.

I also sowed seeds of a beautiful hollyhock I saw on Iona in the beginning of December. It grows next to the compost area at our retreat house Traigh Bhan. At the start of the week it was not more than a bud and all week long I was wondering if it could flower at this time of year? By the end of the week the miracle happened and the flower opened…


Traigh Bhan on Iona

Traigh Bhan on Iona

The Network of Light

Sowing seeds from Iona and Erraid in Findhorn has a very special quality for me. For many years I have been holding the Network of Light meditations on Erraid.  In these meditations we connect to centres of light all over the planet especially to Iona, Findhorn and Glastonbury. So for me it felt very special to sow seeds which are holding the energies of Iona and Erraid into Findhorn soil and watering them with water I had from Chalice Well in Glastonbury. It feels exciting to bring the connection of all these centres of light into the physical world by planting the hollyhock. I also held a meditation visualising how the energies of the places that provided soil, water and seed and the energies of the flowers merge and how this combined energy streams out into the world to all the places where it is needed.

Honouring the Wheel of Life

Sowing the seeds of love

Sowing the seeds of love

Doing this reminds me of the Wheel of Life, the cycle in nature we are following and celebrating during the Celtic Festivals. Honouring the changes in nature and within ourselves as the seasons turn.

In autumn we harvest all the good that ripened during the summer, let it rest in the dark of the winter and then nourish it with light, soil, water and fresh air again in spring, so that the beauty of the previous year can come to us once more in a new incarnation on the spiral of life. Doing this process externally by plating the hollyhocks and internally by looking at what beauty I have harvested last year and want to bring forward to this new year feels tender, beautiful and powerful.


Iona miracle winter hollyhock

Iona miracle winter hollyhock

How about you?

What are you going to grow in your lives? What seeds are you sowing for your future and for your loved ones? In the garden of your heart and outside in nature?

If you would like to share your stories, please write to Britta at [email protected]

With lots of Love, Britta