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Solstice joy to the world

December 24, 2020 By Yvonne Cuneo
Kindness Angel

Hello everyone

Never has humanity needed the quality of joy more – unreasonable, inexplicable, deeply felt joy. So I am sending joy to all of you, wherever you are, our global family – may it lighten your heart, without marginalising all the other emotions (weariness, grief, confusion, anxiety, rage?) which may be moving through you and us and our organisations as we reach the solstice transition point, pregnant with opportunity for transformation.

Having lived in both hemispheres and also close to the equator at different times in my life, I’m aware that for some of us the light is returning, for some the light is leaving, and for some the light stays steady. But there is always light with the darkness, expanding and contracting. I love that at every meeting and social gathering here, there is a candle lit, to represent the light in all of us (our self-light, as David Spangler calls it) and to remind us it is always accessible.

Solstice spiral archway

Solstice spiral archway

I cannot write of 2020 without mentioning the corona virus and wondering how it has affected your lives. I think we all know that COVID-19 is a double-edged sword, stopping us in our tracks to re-think, re-vision and course correct our individual and collective lives, even as it continues to bring unimaginable suffering and heart-breaking isolation to so many.

I can’t help thinking of Frank Zappa’s statement: ‘Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.’ Well, we have had deviation from the norm in bucketloads so let’s all ensure that progress does happen, in our attitudes and policies and the way we live, noticing what we might want to keep of our lockdown life and what we might want to let go of from our pre-Covid lives. We are all making it up as we go – there is something both frightening and incredibly exciting about that.

Thanks to the magic of Zoom it has been extraordinary to welcome so many of you to gatherings that have normally been localised – the 58th birthday celebration and the Winter Gathering, not to mention the recent Zoom reunions of people who have taken the Findhorn spirit out into the world. The many, many lovestreamed walks and meditations are also globally accessible. It has given a depth and breadth I could not have imagined, and emphasised the planetary nature of our ‘city of light’.

Solstice spiral path

Solstice spiral path

But some things just need to be in person, so with great resourcefulness our traditional walking of the Solstice Spiral in the Universal Hall has been adapted to COVID regulations. On 20 and 21 December an outdoor pilgrimage and sacred space have been created where community members can release whatever calls to be released in a fire, tended through the night in the Park Garden firepit. Then a candle-lit path leads people to the Quiet Garden where 72 stones with an angel quality painted on each one can be chosen, replaced and sanitised, and from there pilgrims can continue out into Pineridge.

Angel of Kindness


In the solstice meditation on 20 December the 2020 angel quality of DISCERNMENT was released. Then, the angel of KINDNESS was chosen to overlight the whole community for 2021.

With the form of so many systems dissolving, humanity could do with global and local systems based on this simple quality of loving kindness. We are all in the liminal space between caterpillar and butterfly in some way, both as individuals, and as organisations and communities. May what emerges throughout the world in 2021 contain an abundance of kindness to self, to others, to all life on this planet, and to Gaia itself. Here at Findhorn we contain multitudes – spiritual community, global family, NGO, business, charity, lifelong learning centre, a place of demonstration and part of an aspiring ecovillage. We sit humbly in a place of unknowing, continuing to listen from the inside and trusting all will unfold as it should. It is not a comfortable place to sit but we know the spirit of love in action will continue.

The yearning for wholeness and communion endures and in some strange way, the world is closer together than ever before, even though we are physically separated.

Yvonne CuneoIt is more important than ever to feel we are part of a family, heart-connected. As Ram Dass says, ‘we’re just walking each other home’.

From everyone here at the mothership, I send you joy, love, kindness and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo

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