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Shaping Space: The Spiritual Foundations of Findhorn’s New Guest Houses

August 1, 2019 By Thomas Miller

On July 27, 2019 the Findhorn community was celebrating with a wild ceilidh (Scottish traditional dance). Although the weather was torrential hot, we had good reason to keep dancing. We had just raised money for the first step towards rebuilding our Park site! This would be three standing stones designed for shaping an energetic space. True to Findhorn’s history of facilitating emergence rather than dictating change, this first step came out of meditation and attunement. I did not expect it, but as I and others tuned in through meditation, it came to seem like the perfect development.

Here is the story.

An Energetic Seed for Shaping the Space

The seed for the new meditation space landed in Findhorn’s energetic soil at Findhorn’s 2018 Co-Creative Spirituality conference.

Shaping Space

Marko Pogačnik

Marko Pogačnik, a Slovenian artist and the creator of geopuncture, came up to me during the conference with an inspiration. He had just given a presentation on Earth Changes during which my entire body started prickling with excitement. At one point, he interpreted a dream he had about how people needed to expand their awareness in order to face Earth’s present challenges. This dream suggested we have a need to come into closer relationship with the planet’s subtle dimensions and ecologies.

As I listened, my whole body began to seethe with energy and a sense of joy. Although Marko spoke very simply, his words brought up in me a felt sense of a different way of living. I sensed not just the possibility of living in connection with the consciousness of plants and subtle beings, but the normalcy of it. As he spoke, I had a sense of coming home to a world I always half-knew.

So it was not altogether surprising when Marko approached me to say he had a vision for a geopuncture installation to connect the sidhe and human realms. What had come to him during the conference were three standing stones carved with glyphs (or ‘cosmograms’ in his words.) These, he explained, would form a tool for shaping the space, somewhat similar to magnetisation. This would help reconnect Earth’s subtle and physical realms, in particular the sidhe. (For more on who the sidhe are, see Jeremy Berg’s interview here.)


Marko Pogačnik’s work of geopuncture is similar to acupuncture. He identifies natural energy flows in landscapes and plants stones in key places, to beneficially influence these flows. He also carves symbols designed to invite specific influences into the areas they affect. These designs are ‘cosmograms’. He has used geopuncture to heal war zones and places of ecological devastation.

shaping space

Marko’s geopuncture work: shaping stone, shaping space

As we tuned in through meditation, what came up for us was that Marko’s geopuncture installation is an ideal, and perhaps necessary, first step. This is because we’re seeking to incarnate a vision that comes out of deep inner listening and work to connect with our spiritual allies, and this requires energetic and spiritual shaping before the physical work. A good analogy for this on a personal level might be how you would first build your sense of vision and passion before starting a major project. The inner change comes first, leading to the outer.

What we are manifesting is not simply a collection of new buildings. These buildings will help incarnate the next level of the Findhorn’s core spiritual impulse, as well as replace worn out ones. (If you would like to see the plans and donate, go here.) And the standing stones with Marko’s cosmograms will help with anchoring and shaping a space for that next level to emerge into.

He donated the designs that will adorn the standing stones that the Findhorn community will plant in the central garden area for free. (The fundraiser was to purchase and transport the materials, as well as pay the stone carver.) His gifts will play a key role in shaping the physical, energetic and spiritual space of Findhorn as it evolves in harmony with its founding impulse. The following are Marko’s explanations of his cosmograms.

Cosmogram 1
shaping space

Cosmogram 1 confirms the complementary role of sidhe and human evolution within the evolutionary process of the Earth.
Gaia, the Earth soul has invited the fairy race of sidhe and the human race to help her to lift her earthly universe to a higher level of creation. This intention of Gaia is the basis of the new step of cooperation between both evolutions.

The cosmogram shows Gaia’s face looking to the left and an interlacing of sidhe (on the left) and human faces.



Cosmogram 2
shaping space

Cosmogram 2 invokes a specific path of cooperation between sidhe and humans that is based upon collaboration with elemental beings. The sidhe can approach humanity through their embodiment in the elemental beings.

Elemental beings are capable of offering to sidhe a subtle form of body, while human beings already have their own elemental body-self by being incarnated within the world of matter.

As a result elemental beings can function as a bridge between the two evolutions so that they would be able to cooperate in a practical mode. This cosmogram shows elemental being connecting the human creative hand (left) and
the Sidhe hand at the right side.


Cosmogram 3

shaping space

The purpose of cosmogram 3 is to support creation of an energy field that would enable the collaboration of human beings (in this case Findhorn ecovillage) and the sidhe community based at Cluny hills.

The mandorla [almond-shaped] form stands for the sidhe community while the star for the human family.

Their intertwining creates a proper vibration to support the evolution of the field of cooperation.



Shaping Space in the Central Garden Area

The central garden area, where the cosmogram-ed stones will go, lies adjacent to the original garden. Five guest bungalows at its edge help define it as an area. Groups of community members have been meditating in this space. We have been listening to the nature beings and other subtle allies, as well as sensing the land’s energy.

The land seems ideally prepared to receive the stones. In the centre of the space there is a small pond surrounded by trees and plants, with a small path going to the middle of it. We will place the stones in the middle of this little wild patch, leaving an empty space in the middle for people to meditate in. It will create a blend of elements made by nature, people and subtle beings (the cosmograms.)

The central garden area with the location of the new cosmogram stones

A view of where we will plant the stones











Be Part of Findhorn’s Transformation

The standing stones are the first step in a journey of reshaping Findhorn’s entire Park site. We have already begun designing five new guest houses, collaborating with architect Tom Raymont and our subtle allies.

This centre will grow from a family to a community, to a village, to a city of Light

  • Eileen Caddy

Donate to help build the village of Light here:



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