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Rebuild our relationship with the world

November 17, 2020 By Stephen Busby
Stephen Busby

Right now the world is inviting us to wake up, a radical inner call. Ahead of the Transforming Our World From Within programme (starting 28th November), Stephen Busby offers a guided meditation (below) and reflects on the new relationships possible within ourselves and between us:

We’re being invited to rebuild our relationship with our world, a very intimate relationship. The events of 2020 seem to reinforce a kind of submissive relationship to our world, one where we suffer from worldly circumstances – situations and events that it’s too easy to believe have been imposed upon us. That’s not a relationship that serves us. 

In the field of higher consciousness work where I and many others are passionately engaged, we’re practising new world-relationships – new ways of experiencing deep relationship – within ourselves and between us. This is inner work that calls on new relational capacities which are subtle, in the sense that they stretch our sense of reality, questioning the ways we tend to make inner-outer distinctions between realities that don’t serve us. It’s paradoxical work, in the sense that by learning to explore deep within – through simple practices that question the ways we create our experience of life – not only do we find new qualities of relatedness between us but we also find a wholly new relationship to our world arising. We can’t go on looking at the world and being in the world in the same ways. 

To really go within, as the founders of the Findhorn Community knew from the earliest days, is to transform the reality we know, and to upend the assumptions upon which our regular experience of our world is based. It is to discover a profoundly co-creative experience of reality – woven through subtle and material realms, where vast untapped inner potentials await us, and where more worlds than we know are waiting to be brought forth through us. 

This is work that calls upon and calls out our consciousness, and there’s nothing more healing and transformative of our world, though it’s not for the faint-hearted! 

When we begin to live more creatively from within and we each heal and change the ways in which we create our personal worlds, we embody a different consciousness and find that we’re taking more responsibility for what we create, on all levels of life. 

As we do this together we draw upon a stream of higher consciousness through which everything changes – and there’s no way or place that is too small, or too private, not to have an impact upon the whole of life. 

I believe this is the planetary work that more of us are being called to. We’re being called through challenging world-circumstances. We haven’t created these simply to survive and go on in the same ways we’re used to. 

As many people are realising, the world we’re creating now is the biggest wake-up call we have had, and if you’re sensitive to this call in any way then you know deep-down that something radically new and very different is being called forth through you – and many, many others.

This is not a call to go on struggling alone. Find ways to meet, explore and practice with others. Join us in our upcoming online immersion – Transforming Our World From Within, you’ll be in great company!

  • Transforming Our World From Within is a week-long immersion from 28th November to 4 December. Stephen will be supported by Sue Miles. For more info or to book visit Transforming Our World From Within

Join Stephen for this meditation – it’s one of the practices you’ll discover on the immersion.

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