UPDATE — Post-COP thinktank for Scottish communities

Expect bright ideas and fresh thinking: a learning collaboration between SCCAN groups at the Findhorn Ecovillage will gather knowledge to create a greener future.

People at an attunement in a circle in Cullerne Garden in the sun

A range of climate-focused groups will gather at the Findhorn Ecovillage later this year to pool their learnings about climate action, thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund.

This learning exchange was born in the lead up to the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, when the Findhorn Foundation and the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) collaborated in an exhibition in the Green Zone, showcasing the work of various SCCAN members.

‘The collaboration inspired us to strengthen our connection to other community groups and organisations within Scotland working towards a similar cause,’ said Tara  Pinheiro Gibsone, Partnerships Project Lead for the Foundation.

‘This event creates a wonderful opportunity to do so, by learning from our diverse experience, supporting each other in our challenges and together envisioning our role in creating a greener future.

‘I see the importance of focusing on our local context and am grateful for the opportunity to tap into the incredible work SCCAN has done in connecting groups across Scotland. Hopefully this is the beginning of many more future collaborations.’

An application to the National Lottery Community Fund led to a grant of £6,600, which makes the community learning exchange possible.

Groups from across Scotland will gather for a weekend of collaborative learning at Findhorn, exploring the different sustainable technologies within the ecovillage, such as our eco-houses, organic gardens, windmills and biological wastewater treatment plant.

They’ll also look beyond the built environment at the social structures that make the Findhorn community a caring, sharing experience.

The groups will share best practice and post-COP discussions to support the development of longer-term climate action within communities.

Wind park turbines with rainbow on a dark cloudy sky behind at the Findhorn Ecovillage

Through 60 years of experimentation the Findhorn Ecovillage has become a demonstration centre for how we can create a new way of living on our planet – personally, socially, economically and ecologically.

The ecovillage is a full-feature human settlement that combines a supportive social-cultural environment with a low-impact lifestyle.

‘We’re really grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for the grant – we couldn’t have hosted this event without their support.’

National Lottery Community Fund logo

This work represents a growing edge of the Findhorn Foundation, as we focus on creating stronger local connections in the face of growing climate instability. By partnering with regional organisations we can develop community solutions to the issues, working together for a thriving and resilient Scotland.

‘Having previously catered to a largely international audience, energy is being given to sharing the resources developed over years of experimentation with those closer to home,’ said Tara. ‘By building on what has already been established and making new connections locally the Foundation aims to collaboratively create community solutions to the issues we are currently facing.’

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