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Playing a miracle

December 3, 2020 By Adelle Horler
Transformation Game

A recent Transformation Game played by the whole Findhorn Foundation community delivered profound awareness, some real pain and plenty of magical insights. Britta Schmitz was one of the players – here’s her personal account of the part she played.


Note: If you’ve experienced the Transformation Game before you know it plays out on a board, so it might be hard to imagine how you can play in a group of 40 or more people, and online via Zoom!
Here’s how it works: the game guides set up a people-sized ‘board’ on the floor in the Upper CC or Universal Hall. There’s a proxy player who throws the large dice and moves the piece. The whole community plays as one person, with different individual members putting their names forward to be representative players. With each turn, a name is chosen and that person plays for the community.
At different points in the game there are opportunities to make use of Zoom’s ‘breakout room’ function, where viewers can split into smaller online groups for sharing.

Britta was one of those chosen to play for the community; here’s her experience of the game:

I was watching the game in our living room with my friend Daniela, happily knitting and not expecting to get too involved. But during the first sharing in our small breakout group it dawned on me that I might be playing. No-one in my little group had put their name forward, which made me wonder how many others had. If anybody in our group was going to be picked as a player it would be me.

So I was following the game (and really getting into my knitting), but I had that special feeling you may also have felt, when the teacher is about to call your name for the answer and you didn’t even hear the question.

Britta Schmitz

Britta Schmitz

When the third name was about to be picked from the bowl I stopped knitting and there it was: ‘Britta’. Here we go. So much for not getting involved.

The dice was rolled for me and Hallelujah! We landed on a miracle. I felt the excitement of the miracle buzzing in each cell of my body. I thought: here I am, happily sitting and knitting, and then a dice is rolled, a marker ends up on a little square that symbolises a miracle and my whole body, my mood, my whole outlook on life is transformed in this very instant. Isn’t that fascinating? Just like that. Can’t I choose to go to the miracle space inside myself independently? Surely it must always be accessible to me, not only when a marker ends up on a square?

I played the miracle and loved it so much. Many different things happened for the game – these were most important parts for me.

When Kathy (on of our game guides) asked me to tune into what a miracle would be for me, I had a clear vision of a vertically aligned, hollow clay egg breaking, with the broken pieces landing on a horizontal level. Golden light streamed through all the cracks. For me it was a symbol of the Findhorn Foundation breaking its mould at this time, with the broken pieces landing in our community and all being held together by the flowing of the divine light and grace. It was a very short and very powerful vision.

We were also blessed with Awareness cards of breakthrough, satisfaction, nature and pleasure, which really excited me. I wish for a breakthrough for humanity, for us to focus more on nature and more on the pleasure and satisfaction we can receive from nature. I shared the experience of my personal connection with nature, particularly with the sea, and how it has changed my life over the past year. I also hope that all of us will treat the planet in a way that allows us to co-create a positive future for our world during this climate emergency we live in. May we wake up to the reality that nature is the most important thing for us to focus on now.

When asked how I would like to play the miracle, I felt very strongly that I’d like to hold a meditation for us all to connect to the miracle energy, to feel the connection between the Findhorn Foundation and the wider community, to be in service together to the divine and to be in service to nature. I also asked for more Awareness and Service tokens. I felt so strongly that this was what I deeply wished for. To gain more awareness around being in service to the world. I was praying to get an answer to the question: ‘What is it that I/we need to do during this challenging time on our planet?’

I felt the answer wouldn’t lie in an Insight or a Setback card. It seemed too limiting to find the answer through one card. I felt it needed to be wider, more open, more in attunement, not held in a few words of a specific sentence that gives our minds something to work with. Even though Insight and Setback cards were offered to me several times during the game, and I felt other people might be really excited to get them, I stayed with my attunement: that my miracle lies in the meditation, the gaining of awareness and being in service, and through that to stay with the felt sense of the miracle energy without involving my mind, but staying in my body and my heart.

This was such a magical experience for me. I truly believe that the miracle energy we can find within ourselves at any given moment will help us find our way home to nature, and that this will show us how to serve the planet in our own individual way during this critical time.

I am so glad I chose to play this Transformation Game with my community. Even though playing the miracle held the most intensity for me, the whole flow of the game was so powerful. It was so good to see the others play and hear all of us (in the big group or in our small groups) share what came up in the game. To me it connects our hearts and our spirit during this time where we have to physically distance.

I hope many of you will be enjoying playing the Transformation Game over New Year and have similar magical experiences!

• If you’d like to experience the magic of the Transformation Game, book now for the New Year Global Transformation Game – New Times, New Beginnings: It’s Ours To Do, being played from 28 December to 3 January. Release 2020 and step gracefully into 2021 – find more information here.

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