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[photo essay] Magical Landscapes of Findhorn

January 12, 2018 By Hugo Klip
Findhorn Nature

Living in the Findhorn Community is a beautiful blessing. The community blends into the nature surrounding us. Plants and animals permeate the human spaces of The Park. At least once a week my wife and I go for a stroll in the dunes, Wilkie’s Wood (a little section of woodland set among the houses), along the beach or Findhorn Bay. I never leave home without taking my camera with me. Experiencing the earth under my feet, the air blowing in my hair, the water as raindrops on my face and the fire of the sun that tans my skin, is a great joy which is enhanced when I take pictures of it. All the pictures in this photo essay tell their own story of the beauty I see in nature. 


Findhorn Photo Essay

Findhorn beach forever changes, sometimes bearing the wave breakers almost to their feet, leaving a puddle at ebb tide, sometimes burying them under sand and gravel so that you just see their tops.



Findhorn Photo Essay

A stroll in the dunes makes me feel the presence of the Landscape Angel.



Findhorn Photo Essay

I enjoy seeing my wife Eveline sort of melting into the sunset and the beach, becoming part of the whole.



Findhorn Photo Essay

Three friends, I being one of them, walked out on a patch of dry land that at low tide stretches far into the sea next to the Findhorn estuary, and on returning saw ourselves reflected on the sand.



Findhorn Photo Essay

April full moon riding between the clouds over Findhorn village.



Findhorn Photo Essay

Sometimes the beauty of a detail of the landscape touches my heart, like those spiky weeds growing in West Whins, part of the Findhorn community.



Findhorn Photo Essay

Liathach: I felt the unmovable, heavy majesty of those silvery quartzite mountains covered in their thin green mantle.


Findhorn Photo Essay

The blooming heather in this gentle rolling part of the Cairngorms made me feel I’m closely connected to life, to the little purple flowers, the clouds above, the many hidden little animals and my companions in the distance.


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