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“Go to the Brink and Look Over” – Peter Caddy’s Inspiration

March 16, 2017 By Thomas Miller
Peter Caddy

20 March 2017 marks the 100th birthday of Peter Caddy, co-creator of the Findhorn Foundation. His extraordinary life journey, which ended in Germany in 1994, has touched countless lives and continues to serve as a source of inspiration for his beloved community.

One of Peter’s greatest gifts to the Findhorn Foundation was the practice of Love in Action. He did not just serve a higher inspiration, he did so with both deep focus and joy. Writing of a great spiritual teacher but using words that apply equally well to himself, Peter said “…it is not necessary to wear sackcloth and ashes to realise God. God is life in all its aspects, including the abundance that is there to be used and enjoyed.”

God is life in all its aspects, including the abundance that is there to be used and enjoyed.

Renata Caddy, companion of his final years and beloved wife, crafted the best possible tribute to this spiritual warrior: a summary of his key inspirational messages.


1. Have faith in God, be guided by God. Have absolute faith. To have faith is to allow the love of God.


2. Think big. The universe is big. Whatever you think, you will bring about. Always see the positive in everybody and everything – thus drawing it out. Affirm love, affirm light, affirm power.


3. Love whatever you do. Learn to love the place you are in, the people you are with and the work that you have to do.

Be true to your visions, be inspired and guided by God.

4. Work is love in action. Whatever you do, do it with love and therefore perfectly – and have fun doing it.


5. Remember the three ‘P’s: patience, persistence, perseverance.


6. Always aim to be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.


7. Be at peace. Be the healer of all troubles. Be not troubled by troubles but be peaceful – peace heals.


8. Be fearless. Fear is tantamount to the denial of God, and no good comes from it. It is unnecessary and a hindrance to the workings of spirit. There is no need for fears of any kind – they belong only to a realm of illusion and ignorance, and the incapacity to relax into the arms of God.


9. Have courage. Be true to your visions, be inspired and guided by God. Follow that guidance, even if you think it takes you to the brink. Go to the brink and look over – you might see the face of God!

Joy and a sense of humour are hallmarks of the spirit and the freedom it gives

10. Do your best and then trust God to do the rest.


11. Be happy. Be joyful in the service of God, in the service of humanity, in the service of life. Joy and a sense of humour are hallmarks of the spirit and the freedom it gives.


12. Therefore love God, love life, be still within and know God.


David Spangler, a friend and fellow spiritual pioneer, wrote of Peter: “He and his work have touched so many people in so many ways throughout the world, and all of us so touched are a living memorial to him… I found him to be very special. He was unique, and I have rarely met a leader who had his rigorous integrity of purpose and vision, his ability to turn vision into form, or his selfless willingness to either share power or give it away to others when the situation warranted. He had a gift of empowering others that was one of the pillars that supported the growth and success of the Findhorn community… May the God he served and the spirit he embodied live as fully and powerfully in each of us.”

May his life and example continue to shine the light of inspiration into the world.

In Perfect Timing, Peter Caddy. Findhorn Press, 1996

The Message of Peter’s Life, Renata Caddy, © 1995

Tribute to Peter Caddy on his death. David Spangler




In honour of the spiritual principles that Peter and Eileen embodied, we will be holding Inner Listening, Outer Action from July 1 to 6, 2017. See here for more.

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