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Findhorn Foundation Blog

Growing a better tomorrow, with UHI

July 9, 2021, by Adelle Horler

It was a year in the making and our very first sustainable food production course has now completed in Cullerne Gardens, the seven acres of land next to The Park … read more

Findhorn Sacred Dance: It all started with one man

July 8, 2021, by Rosie Turnbull

It started with one man on a mission to save a culture; today Findhorn Sacred Dance inspires people around the world. Ahead of the Findhorn Festival of Dance, Music … read more

The magic of manifestation: the Firebird panel

June 28, 2021, by Roger Doudna

One of the many losses in the fire that burnt our Community Centre to the ground was the magnificent ‘Firebird’ stained glass panel in the Upper CC. But it has … read more

Finding Love with the Transformation Game

June 18, 2021, by Kate Waring

The Transformation Game helps you look at how you play your life – the experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can use these insights for growth … read more

How to make a flower crown for the Summer Solstice

June 18, 2021, by Britta Schmitz

Making a crown of flowers is easy – and it’s a beautiful way to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  The Summer Solstice, when the sun is at the height of its … read more

The power of the Transformation Game

June 17, 2021, by Joy Drake

The Transformation Game was first designed to distil the experience of living in the Findhorn Community into a form that could be carried the world over. Here’s co … read more

Marking the Solstice – 21 June

June 16, 2021, by Britta Schmitz

The world is taking a pause… As we celebrate the Solstice on 21 June – Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the South – the Wheel of Life seems … read more

Playing the Game of Transformation

June 9, 2021, by Mary Inglis

Free will, setbacks, insights and angels… In a magical process, the Game allows you to play out aspects of conscious living to see how they are real in your life. … read more

Growing together: new partnership with UHI

June 8, 2021, by F. F. Content

The Findhorn Foundation is partnering with the University of the Highlands and Islands (Moray College) to develop a fully funded programme on sustainable food … read more