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Fundraising Update from the Findhorn Foundation Family

May 15, 2020, by Thomas Miller

When I took on the role, little did I know that it would involve navigating the Foundations finances through the current situation. At times I feel that I offered … read more

Anna Barton

May 11, 2020, by Rosie Turnbull

ANNA BARTON (1936 – 2020) A Personal Tribute by Rosie Turnbull Anna was an inspiring Sacred Dance teacher, mentor and wise friend, who made her transition on 10 … read more

Offering our Findhorn magic in a whole new way online

April 15, 2020, by Alex Wright

Voices of the Findhorn Foundation With the announcement last month that the Findhorn Foundation would be closed to guests for an extended period to combat the … read more

INNER CLIMATE CHANGE film director shares his journey

April 9, 2020, by Lorenz Gramman

INNER CLIMATE CHANGE film director shares his journey Lorenz Gramann talks about his experience as the director and editor of the Findhorn Foundation documentary … read more

What does the world need from us now?

April 9, 2020, by Yvonne Cuneo

What does the world need from us now? We are all experiencing the planetary crisis/opportunity of COVID-19. Even as we practice social distancing or self isolation, … read more

Our beloved Dorothy has passed on peacefully

March 16, 2020, by Janet Limb

Photo © Mark Richards, auroraimaging.eu Dorothy Maclean 7 January 1920 – 12 March 2020 “What nature says to us awakens something deep within our hearts … read more

The Planetary Game

February 20, 2020, by Mary Inglis

The Planetary Game (A version of this article has appeared in previous publications) It was towards the end of the first day of play in one of the early Planetary … read more

Living Our Roots

February 13, 2020, by Sara Trevelyan

Living our Roots Appreciations from Foundation Internal Trainings. In October and November 2019, we held a series of events focusing on the living roots of the … read more

Manifestation Meditation [Exercise]

December 23, 2019, by Thomas Miller

Manifestation is one of the key spiritual practices that the Findhorn community uses and has helped develop. While the term ‘manifestation’ has become … read more