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In response to Covid-19 the Findhorn Foundation has suspended upcoming residential guest programmes until at least 5th June.
If you have an upcoming booking, please see here. Our online programmes are still available.

Findhorn Foundation Blog

Limitless Love and Truth: Monica Parish and the Origins of Findhorn

August 8, 2019, by Thomas Miller

The Findhorn Foundation’s origin story seems magical in many ways. People came from around the world to the community following a sense of calling. Then, … read more

Shaping Space: The Spiritual Foundations of Findhorn’s New Guest Houses

August 1, 2019, by Thomas Miller

On July 27, 2019 the Findhorn community was celebrating with a wild ceilidh (Scottish traditional dance). Although the weather was torrential hot, we had good reason … read more

Climate Change Conversations [Video]

May 14, 2019, by Gerrit Post

From April 20 to 26, The Findhorn Foundation hosted Climate Change & Consciousness. In this watershed event, the Findhorn Foundation and partners from around … read more

The Two Bank Executives Who Saw the Light: How Spiritual Activism Helped Save the Isle of Harris

April 29, 2019, by Alastair McIntosh

First Encounter With Spiritual Activism   Forty-one years ago, in the early summer of 1976, I led a student outing to the Findhorn Foundation. I was then a … read more

Peace Is Not Boring

April 19, 2019, by Scilla Elworthy, PhD

For many people peace can seem boring; too well behaved, too quiet. These are usually the people who have never been in a war, never witnessed the terror of children … read more

Climate Change and Consciousness – A Findhorn Fellows Interview [Video]

April 8, 2019, by Thomas Miller

What can we do in the face of the greatest challenge of our time: climate change? As they approach the Findhorn Findhorn’s Climate Change and Consciousness … read more

Working with the Consciousness of Your Home [Exercise]

April 5, 2019, by Thomas Miller

If the universe is really made of consciousness, can we work with the consciousness of our home? Can we form a relationship with our homes that enhances the life of … read more

Findhorn Meets Esalen [Recorded Interview]

March 4, 2019, by Moly Yim

Esalen and the Findhorn Foundation. Two communities born in the same year of world changes. Although each has a mission to transform human consciousness, they are … read more

Celebrating Biodiversity on a Wooden Bicycle

February 22, 2019, by Kate Rawles

2017, the year of my biodiversity trek, was probably the most challenging and wonderful year of my life so far. I spent it cycling the length of South America on … read more