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Findhorn Foundation Blog

Mike Scott: how I remember Eileen and Peter Caddy

April 6, 2021, by Mike Scott

Rock star Mike Scott, founder and lead singer of The Waterboys, spent many years living here at Findhorn (have you heard his classic song about Experience Week?). … read more

Celebrating Spring Equinox

March 18, 2021, by Britta Schmitz

On 20 March we celebrate the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere – the Celtic festival of fertility and rebirth. Here’s how we honour this special … read more

Sowing Summer

March 12, 2021, by Britta Schmitz

Now is the time to sow seeds in the North of Scotland – in nature and in our lives. In a beautiful sowing meditation of hollyhock seeds, Britta Schmitz has linked … read more

Remembering Dorothy Maclean

March 12, 2021, by Judy McAllister

It’s a year since our co-founder, Dorothy Maclean, passed on here in Findhorn at the age of 100. Her friend and colleague, Judy McAllister, who travelled and … read more

Following the call of the Findhorn Angel

March 5, 2021, by Britta Schmitz

Unusual synchronicities are often behind people’s journeys to the Findhorn Foundation. Here is a typical story:  Moving to a new home revealed a series of … read more

Where are we focusing our energy and love at the Findhorn Foundation in 2021?

February 25, 2021, by Caroline Matters

New initiatives, both local and global, are the focus at the Findhorn Foundation right now. Caroline Matters, Lead steward, has an update on what’s happening at … read more

New Beginnings: how were our first steps?

February 15, 2021, by Caroline Matters

Caroline Matters, Lead Steward, reflects on the Findhorn Foundation’s recent Internal Conference It is a tradition in the Findhorn Foundation to hold an internal … read more

Findhorn Fellows among 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People

February 15, 2021, by Janet Limb

The 2021 list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People from Watkins includes two Findhorn Fellows, Satish Kumar and Caroline Myss, as well as Ruby Wax, … read more

What’s happening at the Foundation?

February 3, 2021, by F. F. Content

WITH VIDEO BELOW:    January 2021 will remain an important date in the history of the Findhorn Foundation. It marks the end of a long journey of contraction that … read more