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The New Findhorn Community Angel of the Year!

December 22, 2017 By Thomas Miller
Angel of the year

The Findhorn Community has welcomed our angel for the year 2018: PRESENCE.

In a candlelit, meditative solstice spiral ritual, the Findhorn Community released our 2017 angel of VISION and welcomed our companion for the new year.

Here is the accompanying text for Presence from the Original Angel Card book:


Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence. Know your place, stand up fully in yourself, and greet each moment afresh.


As the world situation keeps changing in unpredictable ways, it seems to me more and more important that we embody Presence.

Angel of the year

The Angel table

Each of us, I believe, has the ability to influence our world in many ways, both overt and subtle, and through Presence we become conscious of how we are within – and therefore what effect we are having on the world around us. When I talk one on one with someone, I can tell if they are present, even if I don’t know how I know. When I am present with someone, I notice a shift in my stance. With presence, I can move freely, less restricted by habit. I can truly hear and feel within myself what the other person is expressing and I can choose freely how I respond to them. I also notice a shift in my sense of energy – I feel more of my body when I am with someone who is present, and I sense an energetic flow between us.

When I want to change the world through prayer or some other form of subtle activism, Presence is also crucial in my experience. The more present I am to my own thoughts, feelings and identity, the more able I am to embody the quality that I want to share with a person or a situation. The more I do this, the more I can offer to the person or situation.

The Solstice Spiral, with orbs

Presence, invites us to pay attention to our inner state. How am I responding to the people around me? Am I aware of how my thoughts and emotions are flowing into the physical space around me? Am I aware of the subtle nudges and hints that tip me off to the presence of non-physical partners? Am I truly aware that the way I am affects the world around me (hopefully in positive ways!)?

As we enter a year in which the community will celebrate and focus on Co-Creation with the Co-Creative Spirituality conference in September, Presence seems like the perfect accompaniment and I suspect that our journey with it will help us open inner doors that allow us to be with others – including those we cannot physically see – in deeper, more whole ways.


Angel Cards are part of the Transformation Game, a lighthearted and profound tool for tapping into universal energy to examine our experiences. The Game has been an integral part of the Findhorn Community since Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake first developed it here. The Community uses it to find intuitive answers, sense into qualities that may be useful in guiding us towards higher outcomes and give us support in challenging situations. 

One of the ways that the Game touches into spiritual dimensions is through the use of Angel Cards. These are playfully illustrated cards representing universal aspects of consciousness that can support us in our journey through life. 

If you would like to learn more about this fun, transformational tool for understanding and growth, I recommend you try out the Game for yourself! Come to Findhorn for one of our many retreats by looking here (complete list of dates is at the bottom of the page) or look here for Games happening around the world.

You can also use the Angel Cards in your daily life. Order a pack here.


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