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Net Zero: See you at COP26!

October 30, 2021 By Adelle Horler
COP26 logo

The Findhorn Foundation is proud to be at COP26 in Glasgow this November. You’ll find us in the Green Zone with the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) on 12 November – please come and say hello!

It is the Findhorn Foundation’s goal to be carbon-neutral by 2030, and the latest step towards this ambitious target was adding 28 solar panels on our Cluny Hill site’s dining room, to help power the 19th century former hotel – and prove that even centuries-old buildings can play their part in reducing our impact on the Earth.

Aerial of Cluny

Cluny HIll with the solar panels, photo by Mark Richards, auroraimaging.eu

Having Cluny take on climate change builds on a legacy of groundbreaking eco initiatives. The Findhorn Ecovillage was designated UN-Habitat Best Practice as a model for holistic and sustainable living as far back as 1998, and again 20 years later in 2018. It was incorporated in the UN Habitat database of initiatives that are making outstanding contributions to improving the quality of life in cities and communities around the world (UN Habitat, 2017). It won Charity of the Year in the UK People Environment Achievement Awards in 2017.

Wind farm Adelle Horler

One of the three wind turbines that supply all the energy for The Park.

The wind turbines of the Findhorn Wind Park supply 100% of the energy for The Park, averaged over the year, while the Living Machine, a biological waste-water treatment centre was the first of its kind in Europe. We have a biomass boiler that provides low-cost heat for five community buildings and nine residential properties. The wood chips are supplied by a local estate, which further lowers its carbon footprint. Our extensive organic gardens supply food for the community and local shops. There’s a wide variety of eco housing around The Park, from the recycled whisky barrel houses and the much-photographed Field of Dreams homes, to the new developments and affordable housing in the Whins area.

Whisky barrel houses

Some the houses made out of whisky barrels.

Other key elements distinguishing the Findhorn Ecovillage are:

  • Our own Carbon Offset calculator and service for visitors and locals was launched in 2018, since many of our guests fly from around the world.
  • Findhorn Press published the UK’s first technical guide to ecological housing, Simply Build Green.
  • We have our own community currency, Ekos (Ekopia cooperative), to keep money in the local area.
  • The Findhorn Foundation was a founding member of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN).
  • The Moray Car share scheme operates here in Findhorn and is expanding to more areas.
  • In 2006 an independent study by the Stockholm Environment Institute concluded that the residents of the Findhorn Ecovillage Community have the lowest ecological footprint of any community measured so far in the industrialised world, and are also half of the UK average.

… our thoughts and feelings have great power in the subtle realms and co-operation can take place in ways as yet unthought of’ – Dorothy Maclean

What sets the Findhorn Foundation Community apart from many ecovillages is that this is a spiritual community, and co-creation with the intelligence of Nature has been one of our core spiritual practices since the birth of the Community in 1962. One of our founders, Dorothy Maclean, found she could communicate with the overlighting intelligence of the plants in the garden, which she called devas.

New hand nature

‘As we act in love and respect towards nature, secrets will be unveiled.’ Dorothy Maclean, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation

As she and others followed the suggestions of these intelligences, a seemingly impossible abundance grew in the poor soil of what was a wasteland, which brought many people to join the community. We continue to work with these overlighting beings who support us in co-creating with Nature.

In To Honour the Earth (Findhorn Press), Dorothy wrote: ‘On the level of essence, nature does have intelligence. That same essence is within us, hence we can resonate with that intelligence. When we do, our thoughts and feelings have great power in the subtle realms and co-operation can take place in ways as yet unthought of. As we act in love and respect towards nature, secrets will be unveiled. When we live in an attitude of love and peace, our power and nature’s purposes can be linked as never before.’

People are still being drawn here to feel the energy and magic of this transformational field – including the media. Here’s a round-up of recent coverage online and on TV.


Growing Up Green

A new COP26 film on three young adults growing up in the Findhorn Ecovillage.

Growing up Green, BBC Scotland
This film shares the stories and experiences of three young adults who grew up within the Findhorn Ecovillage Community, broadcast on BBC Scotland on 1 November to coincide with COP26. Also available on BBC iPlayer.

Ben Fogel: New Lives in the Wild, Channel 5
Legendary adventurer Ben Fogle visits the Isle of Erraid, where the Findhorn Foundation has a small satellite community.


Channel 5 visits Erraid
A look at the variety of environmental practices and thinking on Erraid.

Alba Uaine (Green Scotland, in Gaelic), will be broadcast on BBC Alba on Tuesday 30 November at 18:50 and will then be on iPlayer for a month. It is aimed at youth aged seven to 11.

Maddie Moate CBeebies

Maddie Moate at Cullerne Garderns.

Maddie, the Home and You, BBC TV Cbeebies
In this programme aimed at children aged three to seven years, Maddie Moate visits Findhorn Ecovillage to learn about the many things we can all do in our everyday lives to look after our planet.




So you want to save the planet – Bauer Media will feature interviews conducted here at Findhorn.

Ruby Wax Independent

Ruby Wax in the Independent’s ‘My Sustainable Life’.

Online media
Ruby Wax in the Independent
Commedian, writer, performer and master of mindfulness Ruby Wax, on why she keeps returning to Findhorn.

Press & Journal
COP26 sparks increased interest in the Findhorn Foundation.



COP Forres Gazette Tara

Tara Gibsone, in part of the Scottish Government’s ‘Let’s Do Net Zero’ campaign.

Forres Gazette

Tara Gibsone, partnerships project lead in the Findhorn Foundation, was photographed with a glowing Zero, part of the Scottish Government’s ‘Let’s do Net Zero’ campaign, sending a glowing net zero artwork to seven cities.