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Manifestation Meditation [Exercise]

December 23, 2019 By Thomas Miller

Manifestation is one of the key spiritual practices that the Findhorn community uses and has helped develop. While the term ‘manifestation’ has become much more widely known since Findhorn’s early days, it has also evolved. The meditation included here exemplifies how the Findhorn community is currently using this practice to manifest new guest houses. You can easily adapt it to your own project.

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What is Manifestation?

While different traditions have different views on what it is, the term generally refers to how intention makes things come into being. Many popular interpretations of manifestation describe it as a process of using will and intention to materialise something, but that is not the only interpretation. We have drawn from David Spangler’s insights while working to manifest the new guest houses. A spiritual teacher who developed a spirituality of incarnation, David more than anyone else clarified the practices the Findhorn community still uses. One key aspect distinguishing his manifestation insights from some other views is a non-hierarchical approach.

Manifestation can be seen as translating something from one state to another.

In contrast to top-down views, he suggests it is a translation from one state into another that can go in multiple directions. For example, an author has an idea and then writes and publishes a book. His ideas and feelings have now become words on a page in copies of a physical book. Or to take another example, a pilgrim goes on a journey to a holy site, full of desire to serve a higher purpose. During the journey, she comes into contact with a higher consciousness and gains a deep insight into the nature of how she can serve. Her emotion and intent have now manifested spiritual insight. This insight will, in turn, transform her actions and lifestyle: her higher will manifest physical actions.

Manifestation in Findhorn’s Early Years

Many people come to Findhorn having read about its early days and expecting the manifestation process to be similar to what the community practiced back then. So it’s probably helpful to point out a few ways that the community’s current process has evolved from those earlier times.

Peter Caddy

Peter Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation

Peter Caddy’s Rosicrucian background influenced how the community saw manifestation in its early days. His approach was to hold a positive, unwavering focus on what he wanted to manifest. He then maintained a sense of certainty until it appeared. While there is no question that this approach produced results for Peter, the community began to find limitations to it.

I chatted about this once with a friend of mine who has been in the community since the 1960s. She told me how it was when the community was young.

‘Eileen would meditate to receive guidance. Peter would take it and decide what everyone would do to make that happen. There was no question about who was in charge. And everyone needed to show up to meditation in the morning. If you didn’t, after a few days Peter would come knocking on the door of your caravan. Then,’ (here she gestured over her shoulder with her thumb) ‘you were out of there.’ I remarked that at least this arrangement provided a great deal of clarity and direction. She replied that although it did do that, it also sometimes left people feeling pushed aside. ‘Sometimes in the evenings, people would just go their caravan and cry because they had nothing else they could do.’

Each of us has to develop to the full our own unique gifts, which in a way makes us unbalanced on our own, but complete when functioning as a group. For example, I am in a way unbalanced because I have qualities of great faith and strength but lack sensitivity, whereas others may have sensitivity but are lacking in faith.                                             – Peter Caddy, New Age Living

Group Consciousness

The Findhorn community, like every spiritual community, continued to need shared vision. It needed – and still needs – members to rise above the level of purely personal feelings in order to serve the greater good. But as more members become mature leaders, the focus needed to change. Having only a few people make most of the decisions about manifestation became a limitation. Although Peter and Eileen were extraordinarily dedicated people, they could not possibly hold the full potential of the growing

Manifestation Dance

In a dance, each member contributes a unique part of the bigger pattern


When the community was young, it was like a single organism. It needed to have a clear power structure and a tight focus on concrete growth in order to survive. Now, it is more like an ecosystem: a diverse community of organisms. Each member is able to express the essence in a unique way. Moreover, the relationships between them are complex. Any change to one part affects many other parts. If one species completely dominates all the others, then the overall health of the system suffers. But if the many different members are all contributing to the health of the whole in their unique way, then they create a synergy that is far richer than just the sum of the parts.

So how do we manifest through group consciousness?

Tips for Group Consciousness Manifestation

Here are some lessons learned that we are applying to the manifestation of the guest houses. There is undoubtedly more to learn as we continue evolving individually and communally (and as a species!) The following insights owe a lot to the work of the Lorian Association, as well as Findhorn practices.


1. Focus on the essence and higher purpose.

It can be tempting to focus first on something physical. But have you ever had the experience of being with a group of friends, and one says ‘let’s do something fun?’ It can go well, but only if there is some shared understanding of what constitutes ‘fun’. If there is not, it can quickly devolve into a lot of concrete suggestions that work for some people and not for others.

The place to start is with a shared understanding of the essence or purpose of what we’re aiming to bring into being. For this reason, we begin every guest house meditation by tuning into the houses’ higher purpose: supporting people to connect more deeply with themselves, community, nature and the spiritual realms. The design process (you can read more about that here) has flowed from this shared understanding.


2. Affirm the wholeness of each group member.

Consider who the stakeholders are in your project. In the case of the Foundation’s new guest houses, this includes our worldwide community (including you, dear reader.) Some of the other stakeholders are the nature beings of the area, the subtle beings that inhabit the houses and the subtle and spiritual beings who support the Foundation’s higher purpose. The place to begin is to honour and affirm each one’s unique essence. Bless each one’s wholeness and freedom to contribute in the way they decide to. And start with yourself. Your unique presence adds something to the quality of what you’re co-creating that no-one else could. Likewise, your choice to exercise your will to bless the world is something no-one else can give. Celebrate yourself!


3. Foster the connections and processes.

Manifesting from group consciousness is not, from what I have seen, a linear process at all. It is more a matter of consciously connecting and weaving together a shared vision and felt sense of resonance. From this shared inner sense of resonance, I have witnessed ‘coincidences’ flowing, resources appearing at the right time, people being attracted in the right way. It’s not always like that, but it seems very clear that when the group fosters good connection with the shared purpose, things flow.
Meeting regularly to tap into the shared vision through meditation, sharing and/or any other ways is a way to keep the connection flowing. I notice a different felt sense in my body when we do this regularly. When I turn my attention to the project I feel more alive and engaged. I feel a stronger sense of support.


Manifestation Meditation

With that said, the best way to learn is by doing. Below is a recorded meditation for blessing the manifestation of the new guest houses. As you try it out, see if you can sense the presence that many others have already been co-creating on non-physical levels.




Learn More About Manifestation

Findhorn Experience Week is a journey of discovering this unique spiritual community and its practices. It is also the first step towards becoming part of the community.

The Lorian Association, our close partner, offers online courses and explorations into manifestation and incarnational spirituality. See their calendar of events for courses and free webinars.


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