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Love and weddings at Findhorn

November 26, 2020 By Adelle Horler
Evert and Pia

Love is smiling at the Park – two couples who met here at Findhorn have married! How wonderful is that? Britta Schmitz has the story:

On 22 November we had a beautiful wedding ceremony within the heart of our community. Evert and Pia were married by Judith Bone in the Main Sanctuary. Due to Covid regulations there could only be a small number of guests and so the circle was widened on zoom.

Evert and Pia’s families joined from Chile and the Netherlands, while friends connected from all over the world. Together with a few friends I had the great honour to bless their path with flower petals after they came out of the Sanctuary. To see the love and joy in their eyes and feel their radiant energy and gratitude for the blessings of our Community was just delightful. In order to spread their love out into the world they were so kind to share this picture and a few words of gratitude:

‘Thank you very much to all of you that made this day so special for us. Thanks for the love and light that we are still receiving, we feel blessed and we would like to share and spread our gratitude, grace, and love to you.
Pia and Evert Vanthoor’

Thank you so much Evert and Pia for all you are giving to our Community. Your enthusiasm, engagement and visions for our Community’s future are a blessing for us all. Keep on shining your light as brightly as you have over the last years. Maybe it will even be brighter now that you’ve sacredly sealed your bond in our Sanctuary?

Another couple that met here at Findhorn over 20 years ago have also married: Elmer and Nicola. We have been seeing much of the two of them here at Findhorn over the last years as Nicola is one of our trustees.

I especially remember them on a very stormy day over on the West Coast last year. Nicola, Elmer and their son Lucien were on their way to Traigh Bhan, our retreat house on Iona, and we were just leaving. There was a howling gale and most of the ferries were cancelled, so we didn’t know if they’d manage to get onto the island and if we could make it off. Luckily one last ferry was going (it was actually already on its way to Iona and then turned to pick up the three of them, who had arrived late on the bus). As they ran off the ferry we ran on. There was so much laughter and fun and in this tiny moment, it felt like a proper West Coast bond developed right there in the wildness and the rain. For me it was another example of the special connections that can spring up here at Findhorn within the blink of an eye. (Or on Iona in this case.)

After all these years of relationship, parenthood and loving Findhorn connection the two finally celebrated their bond in London in October. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for sharing your joy with us all. Here are Nicola’s words that she sent to us together with a donation to support us during these difficult times:

‘Elmer and I met at Findhorn in 2001. We have been in a committed relationship for nearly 20 years, were married by Sobonfu Some in South Africa 10 years ago, and finally did the legal part – a civil partnership – on Friday this week, the 23rd. This gift comes from our love and deepest appreciation and in honour of the bright present and future that Findhorn will continue to shine its light on. It’s a gift from our family: Elmer, Nicola and our son Lucien.’

So much love to you all. Keep spreading your love and joy and see how it shines out into the world…

Lots of Love, Britta

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