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Easter Talks 2018: The Lorian Association [Video]

April 3, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Lorian Association

What would the world be like if all people were living as whole beings: physical, subtle/energetic and spiritual?

Probably no group of people has worked more deeply or skillfully to live out the answer to this question than the Lorian Association. Its mission is to advance the experience of wholeness in the world and in ourselves through an incarnated spirituality. The organisation formed when members who were living in the Findhorn Foundation decided to return to the US to further research and develop the spirituality they had been working to articulate at Findhorn. Dorothy Maclean joined them in 1973 before returning to Findhorn later.

(Pictured above are Freya Secrest, David Spangler and Jeremy Berg)

The Lorian Association and the Co-Creative Spirituality Conference

The Lorians were a major inspiration for the Findhorn Foundation’s 2018 Co-Creative Spirituality conference. Their work of mapping, working with and teaching others how to cooperate with the subtle worlds is unparalleled. They have also developed a number of online courses to inspire and educate people about working with different aspects of the unseen worlds. Their teachings are profound but, as you will see in the interview, sometimes turn common assumptions about spirituality on their heads.



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