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Living Our Roots

February 13, 2020 By Sara Trevelyan

Living our Roots
Appreciations from Foundation Internal Trainings.

In October and November 2019, we held a series of events focusing on the living roots of the Findhorn Foundation. The intention of holding the events was to nurture what is needed in our community in order for us to move forward in alignment with the original impulse of this centre.

We have received so much appreciation for the Living our Roots initiative and we want to echo this with a heartfelt thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Thank you for co-creating this experience through your presence and engagement!

Roger & Katherine Collis invited us all on board by sharing of themselves with so much openness, love and humour. We explored what it means to live in a place that has been consecrated to bring about a new world, to grow the consciousness needed to meet the challenges of our time. What is the journey of initiation that the Living Roots of the Findhorn Foundation call us to embark on? What does it mean to be generators, creative forces, contributors rather than consumers of spirit?

Michael Lindfield then took us further into an emergent space in his intuitive and heartful way – inviting us to become available for the planetary birth that is happening; letting something bigger work through us rather than losing ourselves; together growing the capacity to trust the natural process of giving birth to our wholeness, not only individually, but also on a collective and planetary level.

Various Foundation teams and Community groups had the chance to meet with Roger, Katherine and Michael, to look at their unique role within the larger picture of the Findhorn Foundation and community in relation to its planetary purpose.

And, many of the open, afternoon Resonant dialogues took us into deep conversations, as well as difficult and tender territories, always in relation to the question: “What might this theme reveal when brought into resonance with the planetary purpose of this centre?” It felt like a lot of ‘homeopathic work’ was done in this way with gentle ‘aha’ moments and new perspectives opening up.

Living our Roots
by Sara Trevelyan

There is a powerful spiritual impulse at the core of Findhorn. Many of us have experienced this invisible magnetic force and know that it continues to draw people from all over the planet to this centre. What exactly is this core impulse? How do we connect with it, and what language do we use to describe this all embracing unifying dimension and what is its planetary purpose?

The Living Our Roots programme, which led up to the Findhorn Foundation’s 57th Birthday offered an opportunity to explore these questions and enquire into how we can make a deeper connection to our living roots, which can be seen as the backbone of the community. Findhorn today, as it continues to expand and evolve, is an extraordinary outgrowth of these unique roots which are the legacy of our founders and all those who have come here from the early days, to live and work here, contributing many different strands of wisdom to the community over the years.

Katherine and Roger Collis, former Findhorn Foundation members (from the 70s), also Findhorn Fellows, returned to assist the community to engage in a timely exploration of Findhorn’s living roots. It was delightful to meet this couple who met and married at Findhorn, are still married all these years later, and embody such a beautiful lighthearted balance in their long term partnership. Together with the Living our Roots team on the ground at the Findhorn Foundation, they have, with a great deal of preparation and thought, launched this inspiring program of events, which was also supported by Kathy Tyler and Michael Lindfield.

What follows is an attempt to share a little of what has landed with me after participating in the introductory weekend which was held in the Moray Arts Centre, as well as the following Sunday’s gathering in the Beech Tree Room at Cluny.

It began with gratitude being offered to our three founders – Peter, Eileen and Dorothy. Katherine and Roger reminded us that many different threads were brought into the mix of what became the Findhorn Foundation. The Foundation has spiritual roots in different traditions but has resisted ever having a single defining spiritual teacher or ideology.

The Findhorn Foundation was consecrated as a place to grow the consciousness of a new humanity. We are living through a time of extraordinary and rapid change and are facing unprecedented challenges. The impulse which has wanted to land here has a vital role to play in supporting the evolution of consciousness to meet the urgency of this time. We are here not just for ourselves but for a larger planetary purpose.

What is unique and very much at the core of the Findhorn Foundation’s living roots is the search for the God within. One of our core practices is inner listening, consciously attuning to subtle inner experience. Deep within we touch on a presence, which grows and transforms us. There is not one way into this deep pool, we each have to find our own way there.

In the hustle and bustle of life at the Findhorn Foundation and its community and ecovillage, the magic is activated through attending to and connecting with our roots. It is expressed and experienced in a multitude of different ways. The invisible and yet powerful force of spirit is alive as a generative source within each of us. It is not the Findhorn way to be passive consumers of spirit, but active co-creators with it. We are guardians of what is seeking to emerge as this impulse is lived each day, contributing to the evolving vibrant and creative life of the whole community.

At the heart of so many diverse and individual expressions there exists something deeper that unifies everyone. The language used to describe this powerful, but subtle, spiritual field requires sensitivity. In the early days it was called the God within, our inner Divinity, but Findhorn encourages direct experience, which is discovered uniquely and authentically within each of us. The living roots of the Findhorn Foundation arise out of sharing and exploring this inner life, as well as giving expression to it. In a world where many feel alienated from their innermost core of connection with themselves, each other and nature, the Findhorn Foundation has something tangible and tremendously important to offer.

The living roots give rise to a sense of trust, hope and faith that through partnering with invisible forces, new ways can be found to help us live in harmony – creating heaven on earth, evolving a sustainable, life-affirming culture which honours, protects and celebrates the natural world in all of its diversity. Our planetary purpose arises out of the needs of this time – an alternative to the powerlessness and despair, which many feel in the face of the overwhelming threats that we are collectively now facing.

The invitation of this 57th Birthday moment is to remember and honour our roots, to be rooted in our own rootedness. Connection with our living roots here at the Findhorn Foundation is essential for our individual wholeness, for the health and wellbeing of the community and for our service to the world at this time.

With gratitude to Katherine & Roger Collis, Kathy Tyler & Michael Lindfield, for stepping into this adventure with us and for collaborating with Caroline Matters, Dürten Lau and Karen Luedtke, who held the various events with such openness, commitment and care. For all of those who showed up and for the willingness of the kitchens in The Park and Cluny to provide delicious Sunday brunches for us all.

Sara Trevelyan

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