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Little miracles while letting go

January 31, 2021 By Adelle Horler
Threshold ritual

The end of January sees a profound change for the Findhorn Foundation, as we say goodbye to many co-workers whose roles were focused on receiving residential guests who, due to the pandemic, we can no longer hold. To mark this transition, the community held a threshold ritual over two days. Here’s Britta Schmitz’s experience of the ritual:  

Halfway through January we – the Findhorn Foundation co-worker body – went through a two-day threshold ritual to mark this point in time where so much change is happening for us individually, as a community and organisation and in the world. A time of letting go of so much that we loved and which defined our lives.

As Eileen said: ‘Life is full and overflowing with the new. But it is necessary to empty out the old to make room for the new to enter.’

In the Original Garden

In the Original Garden

Much of the old has gone for us here at Findhorn: like in so much of the world due to the pandemic, we have to switch to online events and workshops, since we can’t welcome physical guests. We cannot come together to share, hug and hold hands. And sadly many beloved co-workers are leaving the Findhorn Foundation for now – luckily most of them are staying in the area as part of our community. As it is for most of us all over the planet, life here at Findhorn is very different from before.

And in these times of big changes little miracles happen, that fan the flames of the fire of trust in the divine in my heart.

During our ritual Judy McAllister led us into a meditation crossing the threshold of the ‘new’ to emerge after this time of release. We were invited to bring two candles for this meditation (I actually had written the invitation myself – twice!) and of course I forgot to bring them. I was cycling down the Park when I realised I had forgotten them, but I had a strong feeling that I would find two candles, so I didn’t turn around. I expected to find them in Delphi, the building I did the Zoom call in, but to my surprise couldn’t find any in there. So I released the candles from my thoughts and prepared to go through the meditation without them.

Two candles

Two candles

During the meditation, when Judy invited us to step over the threshold into the new, I literally did it by climbing out of a window and went into the beautiful winter wonderland of the icy original garden. I felt really attracted to go into the frost-covered pavilion. I had difficulties opening the door at first, but I persevered and when I finally opened the door I found…. Two beautiful candles and a poem! This deeply touched my heart and showed me the ‘new’ I would like to step into more and more. The simple pleasures of an ordinary life, with many extraordinary moments, that can be found even in the simplest and smallest things.

By William Martin

By William Martin

I feel I already experienced a lot of this over the last months, by having more time to co-create with life: grow a garden, harvest my own fruit and veg, cook jams, make elderflower champagne, swim in the sea, climb mountains, talk to robins, sit by fires… and even just this moment of climbing out of the window of a stuffy room where I was sitting in front of a computer, walking into the crisp beauty of the Original Garden, breathing in freedom and the divine, finding magic in two lit candles, a poem and the peace surrounding me.

In my heart and soul I am so deeply touched by the simplicity of the divine love showing up in my life through connecting deeper to the simple things our ancestors did. My (our?) ancient future?

Thank you William Martin for the wonderful poem and Park Garden for creating such a beautiful space.

Lots of Love and deep Gratitude, Britta

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