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Easter Talks 2018: Jeremy Berg & the Sidhe

April 6, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Jeremy Berg

Jeremy Berg is a Lorian Association teacher and owner of Lorian Press. For many years, he has also been working in collaboration with the Sidhe.

The Sidhe could be described as a branch of humanity that never entered physical incarnation as deeply as we did. Mythologies around the world have stories about them, including from the Celtic world, where the name Sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’) comes from. Many of these mythologies tell a story of how originally the Sidhe and physical humans were aware of each other and cooperated to a certain extent, but that at some point there was a rupture of this relationship. After this, the Sidhe were said to withdraw – either into the ‘hollow hills’ or to some other realm. In his work, Jeremy has explored the truth behind these stories. He and others have also been working with several Sidhe who want to draw closer to physical humans again.

Jeremy Berg and the Sidhe have collaborated on a series of ways to connect people with the Sidhe, such as a card deck and books. He has also co-held workshop with the Sidhe in which they and physical participants have deepened their collaboration.

At the Findhorn Foundation Co-Creative Spirituality conference in September, 2018 Jeremy will present his experience and invite the Sidhe and human attendees to co-create.



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