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‘It’s a miracle!’

November 18, 2020 By Adelle Horler
John Willoner, Dennis Orme, Jonathan Caddy

Dennis Orme was the very first person to join our founders, Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy MacLean, and stay to help build the bungalows in 1967. Watch him tell stories of those very early days.

A random phone call from a stranger called Peter Caddy saw 25-year-old Dennis Orme leave his life to travel north to Scotland. Now in his eighties, Dennis visited the Park recently for the first time in 52 years.

‘I’m staggered by what I see here today. We toiled away with the idea that something would happen, we didn’t know what,’ he said. ‘And look at it! No-one imagined all of this. It’s out of this world.

‘This is a complete, perfect example of advanced living with God. It’s exactly what we need. I’m so excited by what I see.

‘To look at these trees that are 50 years old… it’s a miracle.’

Listen to Dennis as he shares personal anecdotes of what it was like with Peter, Eileen and Dorothy at the birth of the community.

  • Dennis, centre, is pictured with John Willoner, left, and Jonathan Caddy, Peter and Eileen’s son.

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