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Insights and Setbacks: mysteries of the Transformation Game cards

December 18, 2020 By Adelle Horler
Insight cards

The Transformation Game next step cards don’t always give you what you want, but they do offer what you need – as Britta Schmitz discovered ahead of her sabbatical in the summer of 2018:

I’ve thinking about the power of the Transformation Game these days as our online Global Transformation Game is going to start soon. Apart from remembering my personal experience of being a player in our Community Online Game (which I wrote about in an earlier blog), I also thought of how we use the Insight and Setback cards in our daily lives here at the Findhorn Foundation.

When we are about to embark on a new adventure we often use the next step cards from the Game to receive insights about our new endeavours. In this process we create a purpose for our next steps (a new job, a new home or whatever next steps we are planning to take in our lives at this point). Then we pick cards from the deck that can support us along the way and help us see things to be aware of. We take one Insight, one Setback, another Insight (to support us with the challenge we received in the Setback) and an angelic quality. For me it is AMAZING to see how spot on these cards are! I might not always understand their meaning when I first see them, but in my experience their messages have always made sense to me in hindsight.

In the pictures are the cards I picked when I went on my half-year sabbatical in summer 2018. I created a purpose that was about how I would like to feel during my sabbatical. I’d dreamed this up in a wonderful way so I was happily expecting some nice, gentle, supportive cards. But when I picked my first Insight card, it read: ‘Tough assignments are only given to the best students.’

The Setback card

The Setback card

I can still feel how it felt in my body when I read this card. I felt a contraction in the pit of my stomach: I was ANGRY! For me this was not an insight, but a setback. I actually refused to take it and asked Ursula (who was holding this exercise for me) for another card. (This is why I have three Insights in this picture and not two! You might have wondered about this already.) I just felt that it was SO UNFAIR after all the hard work I had done to manifest the perfect life I had been dreaming of, to give me another ‘tough assignment’.

I mean I was going on my sabbatical! I had a whole beautiful, loving, relaxing time ahead of me and then an INSIGHT card tells me about how good a student I am so I will get another ‘tough assignment’? I was ready to harvest the fruits I had worked so long and so hard for, and it finally looked like they had ripened. I didn’t want to start all over again and sow new seeds! I was pretty outraged.

However, Ursula allowed me to take another Insight card to receive more information on the first one. Without going into too much detail about the whole story, I can say all these cards make perfect sense to me now. I got my tough assignment, I had been lost in self-deception, I stepped beyond my dreams and drama, I dared to love and I transformed with the help of the Angel of Transformation.

Insight card

The supporting Insight card

Even though the deeper meaning of the words on the cards fully revealed itself to me only after my sabbatical, it really helped to have these messages journeying with me during this time. My plans and dreams for my time away were smashed in the very beginning of my sabbatical – tough assignment indeed! So while being in grief I had to create a whole new route to take for the six months ahead of me. Instead of lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself (very tempting!), I remembered my cards and stepped into the flow of the truth of life. All my steps were guided beautifully. A completely unplanned time ahead of me fell into place like a miracle, I kept following my love and visited people and places I haven’t seen in a long time and might not have seen if my initial plan had worked out. I met children of friends I hadn’t seen in decades, learned how to hold sweat lodges, visited Taize, got little puppies for my family and spent lovely times with them and much, much more. Only later I realised how much self-deception was involved in my initial plan for my time away from Findhorn and how I tried to justify wanting to do it anyway. And along the path transformation happened.

The Angel of Transformation

The Angel of Transformation

Even though my journey wasn’t easy, it was beautiful, magical and worth it. When I saw the cards, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I had no idea how hard it would be and also no idea of how much beauty would be involved, how much stepping into the truth of life and how much daring to love. It feels like somehow my cards supported me, helping me to stay on the path to transformation instead of giving in to the temptation of just letting go and feeling sorry for myself.

So for me the next step cards and the whole Transformation Game are powerful tools of support in finding our own path and stepping into alignment with spirit and our inner guidance.
Lots of Love, Britta

  • The Global Transformation Game takes place from 28 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, with a day off on 31 December. For more information or to book, visit New Times, New Beginnings: It’s Ours To Do. Bookings close at midnight on 23 December 2020.

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