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INNER CLIMATE CHANGE film director shares his journey

April 9, 2020 By Lorenz Gramman

INNER CLIMATE CHANGE film director shares his journey

Lorenz Gramann talks about his experience as the director and editor of the Findhorn Foundation documentary INNER CLIMATE CHANGE, which goes online on 24 April 2020, 8am.

Applying consciousness to anything, I believe, brings light into the darkest situation. So, bringing consciousness to what we call climate change specifically sparked my curiosity and excitement – and hope for our derailing culture.

The CLIMATE CHANGE & CONSCIOUSNESS conference (CCC19) held at the Findhorn Foundation provided a perfect platform to explore the many different dimensions of this multi-layered umbrella term ‘climate change’. With 350 experts and activists from over 45 countries to learn from and experience with, it was a no-brainer for me to gratefully accept the offer of the Findhorn Foundation to create a film based on the insights and processes during the conference. Little did I know where the making of the documentary INNER CLIMATE CHANGE would lead me to in myself over the course of one year.

From the get-go my focus was on the very personal experiences, insights and responses to the climate emergency. How do people navigate the intensity of emotions and reactions stirred up by the human-made daily tragedy all over the planet? How do they come to a place of peace, compassion, forgiveness and life-affirming action?

Also, I asked the keynote speakers to share mainly about their own inner journey, rather than their theories about the outer climate challenge. Not easy! This is risky terrain, and not only for well known people in the public eye. Every filmmaker knows that the mere presence of the ‘public eye’ film camera, changes how we express ourselves. We get self-conscious and tend to censor and hide our vulnerable, intimate and painful parts. It is rare to get authentic and fully honest answers to deep questions about true inner feelings and challenges.

Not so on this conference. Not one person I asked rejected my request for an interview and the level of openness and willingness to share their stories from the most intimate and authentic place within themselves was humbling and profoundly moving. You will feel this when you watch the documentary. Juxtaposing these inner journeys with the outer climate emergency helps to see their correlation.

And here I am changing myself. Changing because of what I have learned from those brave souls who have embarked on the journey to change their inner climate, to take 100% responsibility for what they perceive outside. Our perception – and therefore our decisions – are determined by our inner state of being. The world changes as we change our perception. We don’t need to change the world. We need to change our inner state (vibration) to allow a different world to arise.

When I find myself judging something or someone I call upon myself to find this aspect within myself. Up to now I have always found it. From this, springs compassion and forgiveness and my relationship to the adversary changes for the better.

I regained hope from the experience that whenever I have mentioned the term Inner Climate Change, people of all ilk seem to get the idea intuitively and are interested. As this enters mainstream awareness there is a good prospect for a new relationship with each other and our marvellous planet.

The change starts within you. Everyone matters.

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