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Working with the Consciousness of Your Home [Exercise]

April 5, 2019 By Thomas Miller
Home Consciousness

If the universe is really made of consciousness, can we work with the consciousness of our home? Can we form a relationship with our homes that enhances the life of everything in them? As the Findhorn Foundation begins the process of co-creating new accommodations for our participants, we are exploring these questions and much more.

During March, 2019 we started the first phase of the process of manifesting new participant accommodations. At the beginning of the month we opened gratitude spaces at three sites in The Park. These were small altar-like spaces that we energetically connected with the surrounding buildings and nature.

Throughout the month people connected with their sense of gratitude for our buildings and the subtle beings that call them home. They then left pieces of paper or other small tokens in the gratitude spaces in order to share their gratitude with the consciousness of the buildings. But why work with the consciousness of our buildings this way?


Are Buildings Conscious?

Home Consciousness

One of the gratitude spaces, near the Original Garden

At Findhorn we work with the non-physical dimensions of nature and also of our built environments. Earth has conscious dimensions in addition to physical ones, and this is true for our homes and workplaces as well.

The conscious ‘ecologies’ of our buildings can be complex. Overlighting consciousnesses of buildings help distribute and shape the energy of the space, influencing the lives of the people inside. Here in Findhorn generations of people have been blessing and serving alongside of the buildings’ consciousnesses. So the beings overlighting our guest spaces are valued coworkers who are experienced at blessing the lives of the humans who stay in them.

Findhorn home care teams often connect with the consciousness of the buildings before cleaning.  They know that working co-creatively with them will enhance the experience. I remember once when I was about to leave a guest accommodation after cleaning, something stopped me at the door. I felt a physical sensation as if someone was detaining me. Then I felt an impulse to go back and check a room I had cleaned. When I checked the drawers, I found a number of little stones a participant had left behind. The being of the house had helped me!


Honouring the Consciousness of our Home

As we manifest new accommodations for participants, we want to honour and work with the consciousness of each home and building. We created the gratitude spaces as a first step. Another part of honouring these buildings is to tell their stories. Many of them manifested in miraculous ways in the 1960s and 70s, and they have held countless people’s spiritual transformations and personal journeys. The connections that community members have made with them are innumerable and deep.

home consciousness

Connecting with the Moray Art Centre

(I’m harvesting the stories of how these buildings manifested. If you have one you would like to share with others, please send it to [email protected])

Working with the consciousness of our buildings is one way to craft a sense of belonging and presence in our lives. When we gain a felt sense that the earth is conscious and that we can interact with it, we powerfully enhance our life experience and can bless the life of the planet more.


Story: Blessing the Community Centre

To take one simple example, I remember an encounter with the Foundation’s community centre. I was playing music with a friend on my mandolin during lunch break one day. As I did so, I realised that I wanted to appreciate the community centre more. So as I played I imagined letting the music flow into the space and to the subtle beings who called it home.

A few days later I had to enter the community centre in the dark hours of the early morning, when no-one else was there. A physical sensation stopped me as I was walking to the coffee area and I felt tugged to the centre of the floor (not in a scary or out-of-control way. I could have resisted if I wanted to, but at the time I sensed this was actually appropriate.) There, I felt a sudden wash of music flowing through my awareness. It was as if I became the music I had played with my friend. I was merging with a stream of love and beauty, flowing around the space.

Later, I realised that the beings of the centre were giving me this experience to show me what they experienced when I played for them.

I believe this small experience points to a vast potential we all have for enhancing our own and others’ life experience. Working with the consciousness of buildings is certainly an accessible and easy way to start exploring. For one way to do this, see the exercise at the end of this post.


Listening to the Call of the Future

Home Consciousness

Opening the gratitude spaces – journeying into the future

As we honour our current buildings, we also face the prospect of releasing them in order to welcome in new forms. The truth is that our beloved old bungalows are at the end of their lifespans. They have held up miraculously well despite heavy use. When I clean them these days, though, and connect inwardly with their overlighting presences, I sense they are ready to release. Physical bodies are not permanent. The overlighting consciousness of each home and building knows this.

Moreover, as I and many people have felt, a new spiritual impulse is emerging in the Foundation. I first tuned into it while preparing for the Co-Creative Spirituality conference.  Later, hiking on the west coast, I asked the Foundation’s spiritual holding team if there was some way I could serve here, or if it was my time to leave. I sensed the same call to fundraise for new accommodations for participants.

I brought forward a proposal to do that, and to my delight found that other people had been experiencing the same impulse. They had already started dreaming into plans for new buildings. As if miraculously, the Foundation’s leadership was ready to support the emerging pattern. 

Now a group meditates regularly to support what is growing in the Foundation. This, we realise, is an extraordinary opportunity. Whereas in the early days of the community people intuitively acted quickly to put up prefabricated houses, we now have the opportunity to co-create structures that physically and energetically embody our next evolutionary step. 

What will emerge? Now, as in the community’s early days, we don’t know (or need to know) all the details. We become still, go within and sense what will best serve our world step by step. And we also know that our global community of friends is an integral part of this evolution. As you read this, you might get a felt sense of the Findhorn impulse. I encourage you to tune into that, become present with us through meditation and contribute your own awareness and love to this project. I feel joy and gratitude for all who serve in this way and I also know that serving in this way will bless the servers as well.

(During this time, we also welcome financial support. Perhaps the best way at this moment is to join our Network of Friends.)


Blessing Your Home Consciousness – Exercise

Connecting with the consciousness of your home can be transformational. The small feeling of affection we have for a favourite coffee cup, or the cosy feeling we get in a certain room, are more than just something taking place ‘in our heads’. They are exchanges of love and energy with the conscious dimensions of our living spaces. To explore this further, I highly recommend our partners in the Lorian Association, who have pioneered ways of connecting with the planet’s conscious dimensions. The following exercise is one I adapted from Lorian practices:

  • Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed
  • Spend some time relaxing, letting your breath deepen and becoming still inside. Notice how your body feels. See if you can relax deeper into full presence.
  • Notice how you feel being in the space you are in. Take a look around in a relaxed way and notice what catches your attention. Be present with the space, watching in a relaxed way what arises in you. Sense into your energetic connection with it.
  • Bring up a sense of gratitude within yourself. What does this feel like in your body? Let this felt sense fill your body, your awareness. 
  • Inwardly let this felt sense of gratitude flow out into the consciousness that takes care of your home. If it doesn’t feel particularly real, just let it be an imaginative exercise. 
  • When you feel restless, tired or complete, let the exercise end. Take some time to feel yourself back home in your own body, then go about the rest of your day.

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