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Co-Creating the New Findhorn Guest Houses

November 22, 2019 By Thomas Miller
New Findhorn Guest House - first draft

The Findhorn Foundation is currently manifesting new guest houses, but the impulse goes much deeper than physical buildings.

A few years ago, many people in the Findhorn Foundation began to sense a calling to step up in our service to the world.

They brought forward a number of initiatives and developments, using Findhorn’s practice of inner listening to guide them. One of these initiatives was a plan to build new guest houses, work spaces and living spaces for staff.

As the design of the guest houses and other buildings unfolds, we want to share it with our wider community. It perfectly illustrates how the Foundation is deepening into its spiritual roots in order to grow into its next phase.

Help these buildings to manifest in a way that serves our world’s highest good.

Join us in blessing this process through this ten minute meditation.

If you feel inspired, support the buildings with a donation


The Second Draft Designs: Guest Houses and More

In November, 2019 the second version of the building designs became available. Seeing both of them paints a clear picture, and you can read on for the full story.


First draft design report

Second draft design report










How do You Build Guest Houses for the Future?

Hearing the call to evolve is one thing (an important one.) Bringing that impulse into physical guest houses requires a different set of skills and processes. Foundation members sought to do this through applying our core spiritual principles and connecting stakeholders. The stakeholders include nature and spiritual ones, as well as our global

new site plan, including guest houses

The first draft of the proposed site plan

human community. Groups of Foundation members met to use inner listening and meditative sensing to connect with subtle allies and the consciousness of the guest houses and other spaces. (You can read more about that here.) They then shared the results with the architect who incorporated it into the designs.

Additionally, teams from home care, the departments who will be working within the buildings and engineers met with the architect. They shared both their practical needs and lessons learned from decades of caring for guests and the people-built spaces of the Foundation. And it turns out that several of the people serving in our kitchens and other service departments have engineering experience! People from all walks of life respond to the call to serve in Findhorn, and one enjoyable side effect of our transformational process has been to see the depth of life experience they bring with them.

As the various stakeholders shared their wisdom, it became one person’s job to incorporate this into the building designs.

A Findhorn Son Returns

The architect who took on this complex task of weaving together these different strands came to it with a deep connection to Findhorn already. Tom Raymont, an award-winning eco architect, spent seven years growing up in the community, learning pottery, drawing and even some architecture from Findhorn community members. He also enjoyed rebelling against the system along with his fellow teenagers. At the same time, he created a new ‘department’ for the teens and fundraised for a new youth building, which still stands next to Findhorn’s village green.

Tom Raymont, guest houses designer

Award-winning eco architect Tom Raymont

As his first design report shows, he spent time first walking the land and using Findhorn spiritual practices to sense into the emerging identity. He spent time listening to different groups of Findhorn members, sensing the deeper purpose that pushes the Foundation to grow and change.

He also thoroughly incorporated sustainable best practices into the designs, drawing on his experience as an award-winning eco architect. (For more on his work, see his website.)

He shared more about his journey of co-creating with the Findhorn community in an interview you can watch here.

Working with Group Consciousness

Just before the release of the second draft of the building designs, the Findhorn community embarked on a series of encounters to reconnect with its spiritual roots. As part of this ‘Living Our Roots’ initiative, members engaged in collective meditations and dialogues with people who had been part of the Findhorn community’s early development. The goal was to deepen community members’ connection with the core spiritual impulse that we are sharing with the world.

Sacred Dance Festival Hugo Klip 201

Over the course of one of these encounters, which lasted all Sunday, community members engaged in a collective ‘birthing process’. Michael Lindfield, the man who created Findhorn Experience Week (and consequently helped transform thousands of lives) held the space. However, he was very clear about his agenda: he had none. Instead, his purpose was to invite a realisation – a collective experience – to emerge. We were giving birth within ourselves to the next level of… what? Each of us sensed it as a greater potential, but we all saw a piece of the whole. Michael named it as a ‘greater love’.

The Bigger Vision

inviting higher purpose to infuse the manifestation of the guest housesIt was a beautiful experience and at the end, came the question ‘how do we now bring this into our lives?’ After all, Findhorn aims to bring heaven to earth, spirit into matter, spiritual vision into ordinary daily activities. At first, people suggested we all do one thing together to bring it into a felt body sense so that we could access it later.

But people had too many different impulses. There was no single thing that fit them all. In the end, some people expressed their connection through sound, others through movement and others through physical touch.

Although each one was giving and receiving something different, a deeper unity emerged from it because each person was following their inner sense of what was right, in harmony with the group. Each of us had shared an experience of the greater love being born in the collective and was now expressing that in a deeply unique, individual way.

For me, this was a taste of the world Findhorn is helping bring into being. It is a world where each member of the whole lives with an inward sense of the higher purpose, and each one is free to express that in the way that is best for them.

Be Part of Manifesting the Guest Houses

guest houses and more - site planCo-creation in service to a higher purpose is the way forward for Findhorn and also for our planet. People learn that here, they transform and they take new ways of living and relating out into the wider world. We are overjoyed to be helping shape our shared future in this way, and we invite you to join us.

If the spiritual impulse we are serving has touched your life, please help make sure future generations can continue experiencing it here.


Support the buildings through meditation and donation.


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