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Following the call of the Findhorn Angel

March 5, 2021 By Britta Schmitz
Treya house sign Pineridge

Unusual synchronicities are often behind people’s journeys to the Findhorn Foundation. Here is a typical story:  Moving to a new home revealed a series of mystical coincidences for Britta Schmitz.

If you have ever been to Findhorn you might know that one of the most frequently asked questions around here is: ‘How did you come to Findhorn?’

And maybe you also know that many of the answers to that question hold a certain element of magic! Often it is a book, which appeared at an unexpected time under unexpected circumstances – like this story from long-time resident Pete Finch:
‘I was in an Ayurvedic hospital in India with hepatitis in 1981. At one point I discovered a couple of books in my hospital room, one of which was The faces of Findhorn and I knew I had to go. I’ve been coming and going since 1982. In 2002 I came with the intention to stay for one year and have been here ever since.’
We often call these ‘a book fell on my head’ stories. And of course there are many other mysterious ways in which people end up here. I personally love to hear about the many ways in which the Findhorn angel calls people here.

Grace and Grit

The book that started the journey

My Findhorn journey

In my case the journey also started with a book. In my early thirties, after my partner had recently died of cancer, I stayed in a retreat centre in the Vosges mountains in France. A friend highly recommended reading Ken and Treya Wilber’s book Grace and Grit, saying: ‘Anybody who has any kind of experience with cancer should read this book.’ So I did.

It’s about Ken and Treya’s personal experience with Treya’s cancer journey, leading to her death. A deeply powerful book. In one of the chapters Treya mentions her time in Findhorn. When I read about it I got very excited and wanted to go to this magical place. As the book had been published back in 1991 I wondered if the place still existed. I looked it up online and I was delighted to see that Findhorn was still going strong. I felt an urge to visit asap. I booked my flight straight away.



Treya Killam Wilber

When I came to Findhorn I loved it and was dreaming of living in community. I had only ever experienced the sense of community I was longing for in workshops for a week or a weekend, but I wanted to live my life like this. Eating together, working together, meditating, singing, dancing, celebrating together and inviting guests to join us in our lives. But it seemed like a goal I would never be able to achieve. I had just finished my PhD and had a whole university career in Switzerland lined up ahead of me, surely I couldn’t drop out and move to a community, where I would mainly be cooking, cleaning and gardening?

Meeting ‘Treya’

During my Experience Week at Findhorn I met Ineke, a member of the Findhorn Foundation at the time. She asked me the now well-known question: ‘So how did you hear about Findhorn?’ I told her about reading Grace and Grit and she said: ‘Oh, I live in Treya.’ Answering the unspoken question, reflected in my face, she explained that when Treya died she left money to the Foundation to build a house for community members to live in. Ineke said there was a picture of Traya hanging in the entrance way and I could come and look at her house any time. As I’d only ever seen the book’s cover picture, where Treya had already lost her hair, I was curious to see a picture of her with hair and of course have a look at the house she gifted to the Foundation.

The house 'Treya'

Treya in Pineridge Housing cluster ‘Bagend’

When I saw this beautiful house made from wood and glass right beside the woods, a thought dropped into my mind: ‘Wow, I wish I could live like that one day.’ It wasn’t a strong longing, or anything I felt I wanted to manifest, just a fleeting thought with no attachment, that directly flew off into space again.

It’s only now, 12 years later, that I’ve remembered this thought. In between I’ve spent five years on Erraid and seven years in the Foundation … but now I have moved into Treya!

Seeing Treya’s beautiful picture in the hallway again brought back those long forgotten memories from Experience Week.

View from 'Treya'

View from ‘Treya’

It feels like a cycle is closing. Like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle landing in the right spot, something in the universe clicking into place. Thank you Treya for guiding me to Findhorn. I am so grateful for all the wonderful years I spent within the Foundation and on Erraid and I am so very grateful for the opportunity to live in this beautiful house under the stars, in the woods, by the sea in my beloved community.

With lots of Love and Gratitude, Britta

PS. We would love to hear your story! How did you hear about Findhorn? When did you come? How did it change your life? Please share your stories with us and if you are happy with it we would love to publish some of them online. Send your stories to: [email protected]

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