Finding love with the Transformation Game

Words by Kate Waring

Playing the Transformation Game helped create a new life direction for Kate Waring.

Rudolf Kate & Baby Abi in the Park planting a birth tree

The Transformation Game© helps you look at how you play your life – the experiences you create, how you react to them and how you can use these insights for growth. Park resident Kate Waring set a clear intention – with heartwarming results.

I first played the Transformation Game when I arrived back at Cluny to begin my second month of being a long-term guest on LCG (Living in Community as a Guest).

I arrived in high spirits as I’d just given up my flat in Oxford with the intention of making the Findhorn Foundation my new home. I remember arriving at Cluny so excited to be embarking on my new life and felt settled with a sense of purpose right away.

That evening I was invited, along with two friends, to take part in a Transformation Game the very next day by a friend who was training to be a facilitator. I was intrigued, because other than its mysterious reputation, I knew very little else about the process of the Game.

The light-hearted mood of my recent arrival continued and I even joked about how I was going to ‘win’ the Game. Although this may have seemed a little irreverent, the vibrations around were so high, playful and loving that I feel it contributed to the experience of the Game itself.


The Transformation Game® - board game version


As we sat down to play we were invited to write down our individual intentions for the Game. Still in a playful mood I wrote: ‘I intend to allow love into my life’. I sat and thought about it for a moment then changed it to be a little more specific.

My intention became ‘I intend to allow romantic love into my life’

My intention became ‘I intend to allow romantic love into my life’ – and once again I made a light-hearted quip about inviting the others to my wedding.

As we settled in the mood grew calmer as each person took their turn and the Game unfolded. I was in awe at every step as information was revealed and synchronicities presented themselves. I couldn’t help but be aware of the beauty and power within the ritual of the Game itself.


Awareness tokens from the Transformation Game
Awareness tokens from the Transformation Game

I have since played several group games and each time been astounded by the revelations that occur and the information that is received. For me, the Transformation Game is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways of connecting with spirit and the subtle realms.

It reveals strengths and weaknesses and allows investigation into the shadow side. In fact it insists on investigation and will not allow progress otherwise. In that way it is always shining a light on that which needs attention, which for me is its biggest gift. It is up to the player of course to act on this information when the Game is over.

Oh and as for my intention from the first Game I played… within a month of playing, I met my love and we now have a beautiful daughter together.


Would you like to play the original Game of Transformation®?

There are Games scheduled each month from June to October/November 2022. You’ll be based at Cluny, and you’ll play in a small group of just five players, supported by two skilled guides.

Take a shortcut to the essence of life by playing the Game of Transformation® – book now!

  • In the main picture are Kate and Rudolf with baby Abigail, with the tree planted for Abigail in The Park, Findhorn.
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