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Offering our Findhorn magic in a whole new way online

April 15, 2020 By Alex Wright

Voices of the Findhorn Foundation

With the announcement last month that the Findhorn Foundation would be closed to guests for an extended period to combat the coronavirus, a special coworker meeting was called in the Universal Hall. At that meeting Caroline Matters, our lead steward, invited us to close our eyes and allow ideas to flow that might meet the needs of this time.

With the lights dimmed and the Hall silent I returned to a thought that had occurred to me earlier that morning: what will people miss most if they’re not able to come here? Will it be the workshops? The fresh Cullerne food? Cluny’s big bathtubs? Yes, but… I couldn’t help thinking of all the people who have told me that they came for the communal lifestyle, the spontaneous conversations and the intimate experiences they shared with the people while they were here. My own experience is that I’ve been drawn back again and again by the people, who I adored, and the magical interactions with them that make this place so unique.

There was much talk at the meeting about putting things ‘online’, and I imagined this might become rather chaotic if it wasn’t properly organised into simplified projects. So the idea struck me to create a new kind of video series, something personal and intimate and posted every day on YouTube – something anyone in the Findhorn Foundation could contribute to. All the videos would be created by the very people who have made this place so wonderful for me over the years.

As the travel restrictions imposed by the UK government increased, this concept turned from a nice idea into a necessity. As I could no longer visit offices or people’s homes to make videos, I needed to rely entirely on people to create their own.

Videos have poured in from members across the Findhorn Foundation – from the Cluny Garden team to homes in Forres and people living in The Park.

I hope you enjoy the variety of stories, personal spiritual practices, insights and more that will be shared in the intimate videos in this playlist every day. It has been wonderful to be supported to take this project from an idea to reality.

With love,
Alex Wright

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