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The Findhorn Effect – journalist Adelle Horler

December 20, 2016 By F. F. Content
Adelle Horler Findhorn Effect

What if real life – the job, the traffic, the accelerating treadmill – isn’t the way it needs to be? South African journalist Adelle Horler visited the Findhorn Foundation and found a certain effect.

“My friend went off to northern Scotland to live with a bunch of hippies. The Findhorn Foundation, near Inverness, sounded cold, remote and full of lentil-eaters singing ‘Kumbaya’.

But after years of browbeating, he finally convinced me to visit. It was spring, there were daffodils everywhere and the sun danced lightly on the sea. My first dinner that night was a dhal curry. So I was right about the lentils, but wrong about everything else.

The Foundation, right next door to Findhorn village and surrounded by excellent whisky estates, is a kind of conscious living centre and eco-village – it has one of the lowest ecological footprints of any community (…)” Click here to read her story…

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