UPDATE — A new look for the Findhorn Foundation

Words by Britta Schmitz

Deeply rooted in our past, we are embracing the New: welcome to our new logo, new website, and a new Findhorn Foundation beginning.

Welcome to our new look and website – we are so excited to share this new beginning with you.

Over the past months we have taken a deep dive into our essence, the core impulse which called our community into being, which lies at the heart of the Findhorn Foundation. Eileen Caddy, one of our co-founders, described our role in the world like this:

‘The role of Findhorn is to help humanity turn within and be part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.’

As part of our essence work, we attuned to words that give voice to our vision, purpose and mission in a new way – describing how we experience and aim to live and embody our essence at this moment in time. While the essence stays the same, it finds new ways of conveying itself over the decades, adapting to the ever-changing world in which we live.

We collectively blessed and stepped into the following statements:

Who we are

A leading international centre of transformative learning, rooted in a spiritual ecovillage community.

This articulation of our essence has informed our new logo and new website, as we also wish to share ourselves visually with you in a new way.

The sunburst has been representing this centre for the past years. It visualises our aspiration to being a beacon of light in the world. While retaining the sun-light elements, it has evolved into an image and shape that anybody who feels connected to us can easily recognise – and even draw into the sand or the earth – at any point in time.

Many of you might feel reminded of the Angel© cards. For many years our workshops and rituals have included an Angel attunement, where the cards are arranged around a candle or in the centre of the room. The symbol also reminds of how we sit together in circles surrounding a lit candle in the Sanctuary, the Hall, in our meditations, meetings and workshops. Holding the light in the centre, aspiring to shine it out into the world.

Limitless Love and Truth, illustrated by Brian Nobbs

Limitless Love and Truth

If you look closely you will see little dots on the logo. These carry the energy of ‘Limitless Love and Truth’, which has been at the core of the community since the early days. Brian Nobbs drew a picture by the same name, which hangs on the wall in the office of our Lead Steward, Caroline Matters.

Some months ago, during a meeting focused on our new logo, the principle of ‘Limitless Love and Truth’ strongly made its presence known. Caroline fetched the artwork for everyone to see and, inspired by the picture, the points found their way into our new visual expression.

David Spangler, a key member of the community in the early days and now Spiritual Director of the Lorian Association, wrote about this principle in 1970:

‘What is within us, our true Nature and Reality, cannot be limited by form but includes all creation in a communion of communication, a communion of Limitless Love and Truth. This is what we are.

‘This is the reality we must demonstrate, for this demonstration in daily life, in our relationships with each other, with nature, with all the cosmos about us and within us as they are one together, is the true, vital, living and continuing revelation of Limitless Love and Truth, the limitless Presence of us all.’


With our new website we’ve tried to share the visual beauty we are blessed to enjoy here at The Park Ecovillage. Our close connection with nature is such a big part of our practice here, and the deep spiritual well from which we draw our inspiration.

We’ve simplified the content on the site, and we hope you’ll easily find inspiration, stories, workshops and courses to deepen your spiritual connection, as well as all the information you need to connect with us.

Through our new website we hope to shine the light of Limitless Love and Truth out into the world and we are looking forward to you joining us here one day soon, in person or online.

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Evolution of the Findhorn Foundation logo from the 1980s to 2021
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