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Easter Talks 2018: Co-Creative Spirituality [Video]

March 6, 2018 By Thomas Miller
Easter Talks 2018

Easter Talks 2018 – Co-Creative Spirituality

The Findhorn Foundation Easter Talks are an annual series of interviews with spiritual pioneers, change makers, researchers and explorers of new possibilities. They are a free gift to you, designed to inspire you to new possibilities and encourage you on your journey. We hope you enjoy them!

Moving Beyond Separation

In a time of disruption and unpredictability, marked by loud voices of separation, how can we shape a future of love and cooperation with our world? Does my inner life matter – the love, hope and commitment I feel within myself – matter in the face of enormous world challenges?

We believe that your ‘inner life’ does matter. When you choose to partner lovingly with the non-physical beings and energies of our planet, you are affecting our world situation for good.

In 2018 our talks focused on how you can work in this way. This was in support of our annual conference, Co-Creative Spirituality, where we explored ways of experiencing these realities directly. Be sure to check out the livestream recording here.


William Bloom


The Lorian Association


Jude Currivan, PhD

Jeremy Berg and the Sidhe


David Spangler & an Overview of the Subtle Worlds


Freya Secrest & Subtle Energies


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The Co-Creative Spirituality conference was an amazing, unique event that opened doors on many levels. Be sure to check out the livestream recording.

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