STORY — Attunement to Logos Earth

This piece was published in One Earth 5, Spring 1978 and was written by Francois Duquesne. We reshare this poem in celebration of the Earth and all life.

Let us focus our attention within our heart
visualizing there a sun,
a sun of fire and living light,
a star of love.
Let us identify with this sun
and suffuse the whole sphere of our being
with effulgent, flaming showers
of crystal gold…
let us expand
and expand
until our love embraces all infinity
let us dare to stretch
and accept our oneness with the whole
let our flight span the abyss of time
as we soar into the silent fields of space
and delight in the explosion
of a million crushed suns.
Nought may stop the cosmic torrent of love
which has engulfed our being
and roars and thunders its way through the mighty universes
to merge with the ocean of universal oneness….

In utter silence,
consumed, extinct, abstracted
with adoration
we listen…
a thrill, a resonance
courses through our consciousness:
‘Go forth
and let my light that flames with knowing
embrace my light that dreams in the darkness,
for space, now my child, shall be my bride….’

We once came from stars
infinite beings of celestial splendour
and with this love of the infinite
let us draw near
with tenderness and gentleness towards our world,
feel in yourself the presence and reality
of an avatar of divine love
approaching the planet earth
to crown her
to uplift her
to bless her
to adorn her
and in consciousness let us become one with her soul,
with her radiant spirit.
We are the soul of this world….

Thank you God, for the angels of earth!
who teaches us of your power in the mountains
and of humility in the grains of sand.
See! in each pebble we live
and secretly fashion
hidden jewels of beauty rare
one day to bring as offerings to Thee.

Thank you, dear God, for the angels of water!
for they quench our thirst and revive our spirit
with their freshness and fluidity.

Thank you, dearest God, for the angels of fire!
who build a rainbow arch of alliance
between our soul and our body
and teach us about
the transmuting and purifying power of your love.

Thank you, beloved God, for the angels of air!
and a new sky each morning.
Thus we are reminded of the vastness of your spirit
and your constant, ever-renewed, invisible presence.

Now our life moves onward and upward
stirred in its depth by an intense yearning
for the source of light.
Through the vegetable kingdom
we reach upward towards the sun
and open up in the hearts of flowers
and the green foliage of trees
to the kiss of the heavens
in freedom, vulnerability,
beauty and fragrance,
the simple but total gift of ourselves….

The flames leap high
the fire burns fiercer
and we are now ready
to reveal another aspect
of the divine image unfolding within our soul
and emerge through the animal kingdom
to express mobility, sentience,
and the first flicker of mind….

The moment has come
Behold! The fires merge
a glorious expression of our soul is being born
through the human race,
sacred cosmic vessel
of the divine intelligence,
the one species
who can know, Beloved, in his heart,
and who can work consciously with you
to unfold further aspects of beauty
for this is our task together:
to unite in one mind, one heart, one soul,
to lift our spirit unto the Lord our God,
and infill, and enfold,
and infuse
the planet, our greater being
with the joy that is within us,
with the splendour that
awaits to be revealed.

–Francois Duquesne

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