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Dorothy Maclean: 100 on 7th January 2020

December 5, 2019 By Janet Limb

Photo © Mark Richards, auroraimaging.eu

Dorothy Maclean turns 100 on the 7th January 2020. Here is how you can help Dorothy celebrate

Dorothy Maclean is the surviving founder of the Findhorn Community. Born in the town of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Dorothy has certainly lived an interesting and extraordinary life.

If you have been touched by Dorothy’s life and work then we invite you to let her know about that. What would any 100 year old want for their birthday except to know that their life has mattered to people?

We would like to present Dorothy with a large basket of cards for her birthday, so please do consider sending a short note of appreciation/gratitude to Dorothy. within a card. The cards and their messages will be read out to Dorothy, a few each day, so that her birthday lasts as long as possible.

Please do not write to or contact Dorothy directly as this is planned as a surprise for her.

The postal address is: Dorothy Maclean 100 birthday, ℅ The Findhorn Foundation, The Park, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. IV36 3TZ.

Or email to: [email protected]

In lieu of flowers or gifts you can make a donation to the Community Care Circle Fund

Blessings from The Findhorn Foundation

* * *

If you would like to know a bit more about Dorothy and her life then read on…

Growing up a nature loving child, she went onto take a BA degree in Business at the University of Western Ontario, where she also excelled at badminton.

At age 20 she was employed as a secretary by the British Security Co-ordination Service in New York, later transferring to their Panama office. There she met John Wood, a fellow employee of the Security Co-ordination Service who introduced her to Sufism and the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. She married John and they travelled extensively, eventually arriving in London during the Blitz.

While living in London Dorothy reconnected with Sheena Govan, who had acted as her chaperone during her initial train journey from Toronto to New York, and became involved in the spiritual group that had grown up around Sheena. It was at Sheena’s London group meetings that Dorothy met Peter Caddy and eventually also Eileen. In 1954 Dorothy had her first experience of the God within, which she called a ‘vast unity’. She began a regular practice of meditation to connect with this source within, which led her to the sacred essence of things. That essence, she believed, was love, and must be practical.

Dorothy SecretaryFast forward approximately five years and she was working with Peter and Eileen Caddy in the management of Cluny Hill Hotel in Scotland, acting as secretary and receptionist. Although the hotel became a success on the strength of their combined inner guidance, Dorothy and the Caddys were transferred to another hotel in the group. After failing to produce the same successful results at the second hotel they were dismissed by the hotel company on four hours’ notice. With nowhere else to go Dorothy, the Caddys and their three children, moved into a cramped caravan on a site near the Scottish village of Findhorn This was to be the starting point of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

For nearly a decade Dorothy honed her inner listening, building her trust in that inner source. Then in early 1963, during her usual morning meditation, it was suggested to her that she engage with the ensouling intelligence of nature. She is probably best known for her contact with the devas, a term she chose to describe the non-physical consciousness that oversees the pattern and growth of all forms. The devic level is the embodiment of creative intelligence. “To hold each little atom in its pattern”, she was told, “is to hold it in joy”. Working in collaboration with the devas led to the emergence of an exceptional garden, one that produced an abundance of fruit and veg – including the famous giant cabbages and winter-flowering roses. Interest in the duneland garden and the spiritual principles behind its vitality led many to join the emerging community. Dorothy’s messages from various devas and angels have been collected in several books. Her very first devic contact with the deva of the garden pea set the tone. “Humans generally don’t seem to know where they are going, or why. If they did, what powerhouses they would be! If they were on a straight course, how we could cooperate with them!” Another deva asked: “Why go around like zombies, following this or that external guide when all the time your only guide is within you?”

Dorothy left the community in 1973 and was part of the founding group of the Lorian Association, a spiritual education community in North America. She began traveling the world teaching and lecturing, helping others to connect with their divinity within and to connect with the intelligence of nature. She believes that everyone has the potential to make this connection. Referring to the role of our free will, she called humans the “growing tip of Earth”.

David Spangler called Dorothy a forerunner of planetary wholeness: “Down-to-earth, practical, not given to glamour, nevertheless she has learned to expand her spirit and step beyond the purely human points of view without abandoning them either. Knowing her has been a great privilege in my life.”

Dorothy MacleanThe Findhorn Foundation community is now the largest ecovillage in the UK and more than 30,000 visitors have attended its workshops and conferences, some of which continue Dorothy’s themes of inner listening and co-creation with nature. Dorothy moved back to the community in 2009, retiring from public life the following year. Like most people approaching the age of 100, she lives a quiet life but still enjoys nature, reading and having friends visit.

Dorothy is the author of a number of books, several of which have been translated into other languages.

● Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic – autobiographical, covering the whole of her life
● Come Closer – a collection of extracts from her earliest inner guidance
● To Hear the Angels Sing – autobiographical, dealing primarily with her devic/angelic contact
● Seeds of Inspiration: Flower Deva Messages
● Wisdoms – a collection of extracts from her guidance
● Choices of Love – autobiographical, a discussion of divine love and how to attune to it
● Call of the Trees – a collection of her messages from Tree Devas
● To Honor the Earth – a coffee table book, photos by Cathy Carr and text from Dorothy’s deva messages