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Easter Talks 2018: David Spangler and the Subtle Worlds [Video]

April 7, 2018 By Thomas Miller
David Spangler

David Spangler is one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers and researchers exploring the subtle worlds. He has been aware of non-physical beings all his life and has built his body of teachings from his personal experiences and those of his co-learners.

After shaping the Findhorn Foundation’s spiritual curriculum, he went on to found the Lorian Association. Lorian is an organisation dedicated to shaping a spirituality that embraces all aspects of incarnation, including the Earth’s unseen realms. His Incarnational Spirituality model affirms the goodness not just of the transcendent, spiritual realms, but of the physical and subtle as well. The vast scope of his experience and understanding leads him to the equally innovative stance of seeing the non-physical realms more like a biologist than a theologian: beings fill defined roles in different subtle and spiritual ecosystems.

He was a key presenter at the Findhorn Foundation’s Co-Creative Spirituality conference, September 2018.


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Learn More about David Spangler and the Subtle Worlds

For David’s books, see the Lorian Press.

Some of his publications:

An Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality

Subtle Worlds: An Explorer’s Field Notes


Many of his books, including An Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality and Subtle Worlds, are some of the best resources on the topic. To learn more, and also access Lorian’s excellent array of online courses, please see


or the Lorian Press website:


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